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A new way to present information has been developed with the introduction of free digital notebook templates by Google. It is very much similar to what we see on PowerPoint, but on a smaller scale and with considerably more flexibility. If you’re not familiar with these types of presentations, they look and work a lot like a presentation that you would use for an academic setting, except you have the option of displaying the slides on your computer screen or on the larger display provided by the slide show itself. Basically, you can use it like a digital poster.

The first step in creating a free digital interactive notebook is to download one of the free digital notebook templates from Google. Once you have done this, you will have to select a template from among the many available on the site. Each of the free digital notebook templates that are provided by Google is organized in a very easy to use manner, with the search engines being used to find the best presentation. This is a big advantage over the paid Microsoft Office products that are also provided by Google. However, the free digital notebook templates that are provided are not really that bad and you should be able to get quite a few uses out of them.

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Next, you will need to install the layout that you have chosen. This will allow you to customize the presentation that you will make and you will be able to do so right from the software itself. To do this, click on the Layout tab, next to the Project tab. It is very important that you set the stage for the presentation by selecting the appropriate color scheme, font type, and the background image as well. All these elements will influence the way the final presentation will turn out.


After doing this, you will need to find and install the required plug-ins and extensions. These are basically the things that will make your presentation a showpiece. For example, if you want to make a slide show from a presentation that was made by you, the plug-in or extension that you need to install is PowerPoint Express. It is an extremely easy to use free program that will let you convert your slides into a free presentation. You can also adjust the background, fonts, and color schemes. This will allow you to customize your free software to the exact specifications that you need for your presentation.


If you want to get creative and give your presentation a unique appearance, try using PhotoShop. This is a free program that is widely used by people to edit pictures. You can easily set up a simple presentation in your web browser by clicking on the button with the image option. After this, you need to upload your picture and click on the Set As command to save the image. Now you can begin to modify your image in order to customize it to the specifications that you need.


Another great way to customize your free presentation is to change the background and fonts. You can select any type of font in various sizes in order to make the text of your presentation look more professional. You also have the option to choose a different background in order to give your presentation a unique appearance.


To make your presentation more professional, you can use Microsoft Office Add-In to create your layout. This is a free plug-in that will help you to format your layout to the specifications that you need. When you use this feature, you can enter text in the margins and automatically format your cells to fit your desired dimensions. For example, if you set the size of the cell to be 12 pixels by 12 pixels, then the font size would automatically be set to 12 pixels. In order to use this free tool, you need to download it first and then follow the instructions that are provided in the download.

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There are many other free tools that you can find on the net. The most important thing is that you use these tools to make your presentation look more professional. After you apply these tips to your digital notebook, you can give a presentation to your clients without worrying about spending too much money. Thus, downloading free tools to make your presentation look more beautiful is something that you should try as soon as possible.