Learn How to Play American Football

American Football is an exciting version of American football which features a running-oriented offense. The two sides of the offense are lined up at an X shape. The main goal of the game is to acquire yardage through the air, with the passing of the ball being the focus of the game. The modern version of American football is much more different than the past versions in its rules and tradition.

Many young people play American football games during their high school years and even beyond as they begin to become adults. There are even entire communities in the United States where people gather on Sundays to get together to play a high school or college football game. College and professional football are very popular sports in the United States, and a large number of people play both games.

The first version of the football game that Americans could play was actually quite different from the one we play today. In fact, it had very few rules other than to have a goal post and two halves. This football game was named Association Football. The first official regulation of this game was adopted in 1875. The rules of this football game are very simple.

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The object of this game is for the football team to be able to field a kick or a field goal from any place on the playing field. The two offensive teams line up on opposite ends of the field from the goal post. The defensive team begins the play by covering the opposing team’s goal. Then the two teams take turns attacking each other’s goal. When the clock runs out, the winner is the team that scores the most points.


In the professional football game, there is only one quarter to play. This quarter is known as the half hour. The teams play for an entire half hour, which is about an hour and forty-five minutes long. There are two ten-minute periods during the game, which means that there are a total of eleven minutes in a game. This makes the games much more fast-paced, especially for fans who like to see real action.


Unlike the football field in the United States, in other countries and especially Europe, the play is much slower. The ball is usually kicked with the knees instead of by the feet. Most play involves passing the ball from one receiver to another on their shoulders with a short pass or a handoff. A lot of running is involved, as well. Most players wear no helmet, but some wear thigh pads to protect their legs from injury during the course of the game.


As mentioned earlier, there are two halves in a professional football game. Each half has fifteen minutes, and overtime can only occur if the score is within two points of the halftime number. Both teams play for three minutes before the intermission. After the intermission, teams play for three minutes and then play for five minutes before the next quarter.

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The ball itself is very large and round, about the size of a golf ball. It is also referred to as tarps or field-hockey balls in America. When the ball is kicked or passed, it travels along the surface of the playing field until it hits another part of the field, or an object such as a chair or a post. The object of the ball game is to score points. There are many factors that can be used to determine the score of a football game, including the amount of time left on the playing clock, the formation of the offense and defense, the presence of officials, and more.