The House of Gucci trailer is available hours after the official Twitter account teased its arrival alongside several character posters

House of Gucci’s first trailer has finally arrived.

The upcoming crime drama stars Lady Gaga as Adam Driver, Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. Jared Leto, Salmahayek, Reeve Carney, Jack Huston and Salma Hayek. It tells the story of Maurizio Gucci, head of Gucci’s fashion house, and his ex-wife Patrizia (Gaga 35). Reggiani hired a hitman in 1995 to kill him.

Gaga steps out in luxury designer clothes as Patrizia and says, “It was a title that sounded so sweet. So seductive.” It is synonymous with style, wealth, and power.

She added, “But that name was also a curse.”

The trailer shows the dynamic of the Gucci family. Patrizia can be seen urging her husband “to take out the trash.”

He tells her “They’re my relatives,” to which she replies, “So are I.”

Maurizio responds to the statement, “You picked a firecracker,” when someone mentions Patrizia. He says, “She is a handful.”

The biopic’s official Twitter account released five posters (featuring the characters played by Gaga, Driver, Pacino, 81, Irons, 72, and an unrecognizable Leto, 49) earlier on Thursday.

While most of the posters were presented without comment, the one of Gaga as Reggiani said “Stasera” in its accompanying tweet which, in English, translates to “tonight” — no doubt a teaser for the trailer’s debut.

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Gaga and Leto both posted their character posters to their respective Instagram accounts, along with the same caption: “Stasera.”

Gaga caused a stir when she posted the first glimpse of House of Gucci on Instagram in April. It was shot on location in Italy.

As she stood beside Driver in the Italian Alps, Driver wore a black turtleneck and black pants.

There have been several more photos released since then, including one of Leto, a costumed fashion designer Paolo Gucci, Driver, Gaga and Gaga riding an electric bike, Gaga behind the wheel in a vintage car, while Driver sip a drink nearby.