Laborers Surati Biden Asks Stop Israeli Aggression to Palestine

The bulk of employees who held a solidarity demonstration for Palestine delivered a letter to the President of the United States Joe Biden. They encouraged the US to request Israel to stop attacks on Palestine.

The Palestinian solidarity activity was held in front of the United States Embassy at Central Jakarta. The President of KSPI, Said Iqbal explained that the correspondence for Biden was composed in two languages, specifically French and English. The correspondence, said Said, was passed over to the US Embassy in Indonesia to be offered to Biden.

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Said stated in his correspondence, his party also requested Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prevent military aggression against Palestine.

Additionally, stated Said, throughout the US Embassy in Indonesia his celebration conveyed a message into Biden that liberty is the right of each nation. “as a result, the occupation in the world such as the occupation of Palestine from Israel has to be stopped. We expect President Joe Biden can listen to our voice,” he explained.

The battle between the Israeli army and Hamas forces in Palestine is warming up in the Gaza Strip. Since May 10, countless individuals have perished as a consequence of this battle.

This episode is a string of a lengthy history of Israeli and Palestinian conflict. The fighting between the two sides was happening for hundreds of years.