Kim Kardashian Designs underwear for US Olympic Athletes

Kim KardashianDirectly involved in2020 Paralympics and Olympics. Kim will design through Skims, her fashion label.UnderwearFor athletes.

Kim posted the news to his Instagram account. Kim posted a series of photos that showed athletes from the United States wearing Skims for the 2020 Olympics.

Kim spoke about his closeness to the Olympics in the upload. Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, Kim’s stepfather, knew about the event since childhood. He was a decathlon runner and was also a 1976 Montreal Olympics gold medalist.

Kim still remembers as a child when he went to the Olympic trials.

Kim stated, “When I see athletes compete in the Olympics, I understand how dedicated they are to the Olympics.”

Kim also said that he admires the Olympic athletes.

A number of photos have been uploaded that show the casual attire worn by the US team members, including Scout Bassett (basketball player) and A’ja Wilson (basketball player).

Alex Morgan, a soccer star, was seen sporting a white Skims x USA Team shirt with the US flag and Olympic logo.

The clothing line that was launched included a sports bra, shirt, vest, and shorts with the Olympic logo and the US flag.

Peter Zeytoonjiann, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at US Olympic & Paralympic Properties, said that the Skims collection was ideal for the US team. Both share the same mission: empowerment that emphasizes inclusiveness values.

“Our number one priority is to give our athletes the tools and support that they need to compete at their highest level.” Skims is a great partner, and we are happy to offer comfort to athletes,” Zeytoonjian said, citing Huffington Post.

Skims will be used by athletes and sold through the website on a limited basis starting July 12.

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Skims was the first casual wear sponsor of this event. The US team has had a long-standing relationship with Ralph Lauren, a fashion designer.