The innerwear, swimwear and loungewear brand helped to establish by Kim Kardashian has enrolled Grammy-grant winning Spanish artist lyricist Rosalía for its most recent mission, which dispatches Monday.

“Rosalía is a particularly social power inside the music business and I love the delightful way she faces challenges with her own style, while continuously remaining her actual self,” Kardashian told WWD solely.

“This mission is about the energy and certainty that she brings to the world,” the unscripted tv star and business person added.

Rosalía — who was conceived Rosalía Vila Tobella in Spain and who will leave on a 15-country visit for her collection “Motomami” this late spring — is similarly as eager to work with the Los Angeles-based brand.

“I love Skims,” she said. “They are so comfortable and cause me to feel exceptionally hot simultaneously.”

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Skims, which was made in 2019 with the assistance of Los Angeles-based business visionary Jens Grede, has a background marked by working with high-profile models and representatives (and a few ordinary individuals, as well). The rundown incorporates previous Victoria’s Secret Angels, as Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, as well as Kate Moss; Megan Fox; Kourtney Kardashian; Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s little girl and entertainer Rumer Willis; Team USA competitors, and previous prisoner Alice Marie Johnson.

Be that as it may, the Rosalía lobby will be Skims’ most memorable bilingual one.

The artist lyricist will show up across bulletins, TV and advanced ads in both Spanish and English, presenting in different pieces from the Cotton Collection, which Rosalía referred to her as “favorite.”
The mission, which was shot and coordinated by Donna Trope, is Rosalía’s most memorable style organization. It’s additionally important for Skims’ technique to develop its presence all over the planet. (Notwithstanding the U.S. market, Skims is accessible in Selfridges in the U.K. furthermore, portions of Europe, as well as discount accomplices in select worldwide business sectors.)

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“As Skims grows all around the world, it’s essential to me that we collaborate with individuals who resound with worldwide crowds and [Rosalía] is such a motivation to so many,” Kim Kardashian said. “It seemed like the ideal fit for us. As a youthful brand that is as yet developing, we are centered around falling in line with the individuals who address our image mission and ethos, while having worldwide impact.

“Each individual we work with is hand-picked,” she proceeded. “We settle on all of our projecting choices inside at the brand, so we are extremely vital and deliberate all the time. Skims values giving answers for ladies of all shapes, sizes, foundations, and so forth. This technique is reflected in the models we decide to address our image.”