Kerameos: Here remains no proposal aimed at the inaugural of additional points of education

“Here is not at all proposal aimed at the inaugural of additional heights of edification “, elucidated the Minister of Education Niki Kerameos language to ERT and the demonstration “Relations”, noticing that the inaugural of the additional heights of education determination remain obvious afterward the proposal of the authorities, who determination they express us what remain the greatest suitable events aimed at the inaugural “.

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Additional subdivisions of the budget take importance to uncluttered following week, as Ms. Kerameos supposed, though repeating that they remain to come for the proposals of the specialists for the inaugural of the break of the heights of teaching afterward Easter.

The Minister of Education, who nowadays stayed institutes in Elefsina then Mandra, supposed that the children remained actual content to reappearance to their corporeal lessons, though highlighting that the whole educational public replied definitely toward the self-tests.


In detail, as she renowned, this woman children said that they determination prepare the additional self-test in the evening in instruction to notify the stage in time and tomorrow a.m. to go to institute usually.

Around vaccinations Mrs. Kerameus specified that it consumes previously started with educators in singular edification and consume remained vaccinated and teachers of over-all teaching of unsold vaccines, nonetheless determination exposed the stage for their vaccination.

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