Keep Loved Ones Safe With a Smartwatch and Medical Alert Device

With the Freedom Guardian, you can keep an eye on your loved one’s activity and emergency monitoring while on the go. This smartwatch has many of the features of typical smartwatches, plus you can download an accompanying app that lets you monitor your loved one’s activity. For a quick review, read on. You might also be interested in the MGMove and Sidekick Smart.

Apple Watch features

Despite its unique design, the Apple Watch has enough medical alert features to make it a valuable addition to a loved one’s safety and well-being. For example, fall detection can be activated automatically if the wearer doesn’t move for more than 60 seconds. Upon detection, the device calls 911 and sends a text message to up to five emergency contact numbers. If the wearer is not moving, the Apple Watch can even notify emergency contacts.

LifeStation Mobile GPS Medical Alert

A quick review of the LifeStation Mobile GPS medical alert smartwatch will show that it is lightweight and easy to carry in a purse or pocket. It has clear audio, automatic fall detection, and a built-in speaker. It costs about $22 per month and has a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, the device is AARP-approved, with a discount of $2.00 a month for monthly service. Several other features distinguish LifeStation from the rest.


A smartwatch and medical alert device work together to make sure you or a loved one is always able to reach them in the event of an emergency. Most smartwatches use a nearby smartphone for a cell connection. While a medical alert device can connect to a monitoring center, it can also be used to notify emergency personnel of a loved one’s condition. To keep the device in top condition, it should be cleaned gently using a soft, dry cloth. Be sure to avoid any kind of harsh cleaning solutions or moisture in the openings. Like all other expensive technology, the Apple Watch needs to be stored in a cool, dry, and protected place. When it’s in storage for long periods, turn off the device.

Sidekick Smart

Aside from its medical alert capabilities, the Sidekick Smart can also be used as a GPS tracking device. It combines GPS signals and WiFi to pinpoint a user’s location. While the device is not a clinical diagnosis, it can help caregivers keep an eye on their loved ones. It comes with an annual plan that lets caregivers monitor their loved one’s safety from afar.

Freedom TALK 2-Way Mobile Communication Medical Alert

Among the medical alert devices on the market, the Freedom TALK 2-Way Mobile Communications Medical Alert smartwatch is the most popular. It features advanced features for older adults and seniors, including a waterproof design for use in the ocean or pool. The watch also has an app for blood oxygen monitoring and ECG, and it can monitor irregular heartbeats. In addition to the medical alert feature, the Freedom TALK also comes with internet functions and an apple watch application.