The movie Never fear the truth starred Johnny’s son and daughter, but it was the daughter’s silence that caused some outrage. The film is now considered a cult classic in the United Kingdom. However, Lily-Rose Depp is still not saying anything publicly, despite her father’s recent success with the defamation case. Some people think that Johnny Depp is trying to brand his daughter Lily-Rose Depp as cunning, especially after she refused to answer questions during the trial.

The actor recently addressed the backlash against his daughter, who seems to have been quiet during the Amber Heard trial. She did not post any pictures of herself with her father, and has been publicly ridiculed online for her lack of support. Lily-Rose hasn’t posted on social media during the trial, so her fans have been mocking her for not speaking up. Lily-Rose Depp hasn’t been active on her social media account, but he’s been responding to online fan comments on the actress’s silence.

Several famous people have also jumped on the NFT gravy train, including Sir Anthony Hopkins, who announced on Twitter that he would be buying an NFT of his daughter Lily-Rose. He sought out advice from an expert before purchasing an NFT of his daughter. Meanwhile, the actor’s daughter is the latest celebrity to be branded with cunning. If you are wondering how NFTs are made, here’s a little more information.

Since January, Lily-Rose has been silent on Instagram. It’s unclear how much longer she will post, but it’s likely she’ll be back in the spotlight soon. The actor is known for wearing a tattoo of the word “Silence, Exile, Cunning” on his forearm. However, Lily-Rose is not tagged with her ex-husband’s name, despite the fact that her dad has an inked tattoo of the same phrase.

The trial was live-streamed on social media. Fans rallied behind Depp and showed support for him, but a few fans took to the internet to attack his daughter. The alleged abuse occurred two years ago, when Amber Heard filed for a divorce from her husband. She had previously obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband, claiming that Johnny had abused her both verbally and physically.

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