Jesy Nelson has left her fans in shock on Tuesday when her former Little Mix singer posed for a photo shoot in a striking outfit.

The singer was featured on the cover of Noctismagazine as she showcased her endless legs in a gorgeous mini-skirt with plaid. The shoot was a space-age one the singer also donned an elegant black top which she was tucked into her skirt, a pair of heels, and showed off her gorgeous silver locks. “@noctismagazine Out now!!” she posted on her social media accounts for fans.

The Boyzhitmaker’s sole killer look, as Noctis posted a couple of more pictures that were absolutely amazing.

The first dress was an white mini-dress complete with a sparkling diamond necklace. The second image attracted our attention since she wore an green top covered in diamonds

The magazine released an excerpt of its interview with Jesy which reads: ” Music is the strongest form of magic – I genuinely believe that. I can be in a really bad place mentally but if I listen to music it can completely change my mindset.”

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It’s not surprising that the model’s 8.3 million followers went crazy with awe, one commenting: ” Love this photoshoot,” and another added: ” You look GORGEOUS.”

The 30-year-old was on Instagram the other day to post photos of her stunning metallic look, and with the caption that referred to the lyrics of the hit track. Jesy posted: “My muma won’t see what I see in ya,” when she took a selfie in her shiny denim blazer that she wore with large shoes and statement gold earrings.