Jennifer Lopez wouldn’t perform on Top of the Pops show until her requests were satisfied, Dannii Minogue uncovers.

Examining the “diva stories,” the Australian vocalist – entertainer reviewed the time on her digital broadcast The 90s when J.Lo requested that all that in her room ought to be white.

“And keeping in mind that you hear those diva stories, there is one I can really vouch for,” Minogue said prior to portraying the entertaining story.

“I was at Top of the Pops and was informed Jennifer Lopez was coming, however she wouldn’t perform except if her behind the stage room was rearranged,” the 50-year-old uncovered.

“I was informed everything must be white, including the couch. I requested to go in and see the room as she wasn’t there at that time… I was lapping up everything about,” said with a chuckle.

Minogue then, at that point, added that she asked why the Marry Me entertainer would need her room all-white considering the body make-up entertainers frequently wear.

“All I could believe was, ‘Sweetheart is shrouded head to toe in body cosmetics. How would you sit on a white sofa?'” she kidded.

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