Wally Funk prepared for NASA’s Mercury program more than 60 years prior, yet she couldn’t tie down her spot to go into space. Presently, at 82 years of age, Funk is finding the opportunity to go to the last wilderness in the wake of being chosen by Jeff Bezos to go along with him and his sibling on their suborbital experience on July 20.

On Thursday, Blue Origin, the space investigation organization established by the Amazon maker declared that Funk will be the fourth individual to fly on the New Shepard suborbital shuttle. She will likewise be joining the anonymous victor of the closeout who paid more than $28 million to get their spot ready, as indicated by Daily Reauters.

In February of 1961, Funk chipped in as a feature of the “Ladies in Space Program,” a private dare to bring ladies into space during NASA’s most punctual space flights. Funk was the most youthful lady to move on from that program, and was informed that she “had improved and finished the work quicker than any of the folks,” as indicated by Bezos’ Instagram post, reporting Funk as the fourth individual on the flight.

As a feature of her preparation, she even outlived unbelievable space explorer John Glenn by enduring 10 hours and 35 minutes in a tactile hardship tank.

“I got a hold of NASA four times, and said ‘I want to become an astronaut,’ but nobody would take me,” Funk told Daily Reauters.

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“I didn’t think I would ever get to go up. Nothing has ever gotten in my way. They say, ‘Wally, you’re a girl, you can’t do that.’ I said, ‘Guess what, doesn’t matter what you are, you can still do it if you want to do it,’ and I like to do things that nobody’s ever done before.”

Funk has 19,600 flying hours to her name and has taught thousands of people how to fly.

Desperate to get into space, Funk previously purchased a ticket abroad a Virgin Galactic suborbital spacecraft. That craft remains in its testing phase and it remains to be seen if Funk will get a chance to fly with Virgin Galactic as well.