Jake Paul Picked Up A Fight With Floyd Mayweather By Stealing His Hat Got your Hat

On March 7, 2021 Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather were having a press conversation. During the conversation Jake Paul pulled mayweather’s hat which was very disrespectful and unprofessional to him. So, mayweather followed him and give him a shot as on his Instagram story Jake Paul was having a black spot on his eye.

Jake Paul had a black spot on his Instagram story after the fight with mayweather

Got Your Hat:

During the Press Event, Mayweather was asked if he is going to both (Jake Paul and Logan Paul in the match) on same night. Mayweather said: “Absolutely. It’s easy (to beat them). They are fake fighters. I am a real fighter. ”

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During this conversation, Jake Paul came in and started asking as a challenger “You gonna make it in one night” and Floyd Mayweather answered “Absolutely, Let’s make it happen”. During this heated conversation, Jake Paul pulled out Floyd Mayweather’s hat and said “got your hat” and tried to run. Mayweather got him and punched him in the crowd.

He Disrespect Me:

Once the fight over Floyd’s hat started, Floyd was feeling very disrespectful and just kept saying “He disrespect me”. Jake Paul on the other side says: got your hat. The fight continued and everyone were trying to stop them.


Now, the question is: Is Jake Paul a professional fighter? Are both of them just doing it for publicity?

or It’s just a controversial fight over a hat caused by Jake Paul.

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