Is the OWL Labs Meeting Owl 720 a Security Disaster?

A recent article in The Atlantic argues that the OWL Labs Meeting Owl 720 videoconferencing device is a security disaster, especially considering its lack of authentication. Because this device uses Bluetooth for remote control, it doesn’t require a passcode and can work with most web-based video conferencing services. However, that isn’t enough to prevent hackers from exploiting its security flaws. The device can be hacked if it has no passcode.

OWL Labs Meeting Owl 720 videoconference device is a security disaster

The OWL Labs Meeting Owl 720 videoconferencing device has been widely adopted by govs, colleges, and local governments around the world. Its creator has not yet addressed the most critical security flaws, which can lead to network topology mapping and social engineering. Here’s why. Let’s look at some of the key components of the Meeting Owl 720.

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The Meeting Owl is a 360-degree video and audio device that plugs into any standard computer and works with all web-based video conferencing platforms. It’s also wifi-enabled, meaning it gets updated and new features over the air. The camera features an immersive 360-degree view of the room and audio cues to make sure that everyone can hear. Moreover, it offers up to three speakers at a time.

Bluetooth functionality designed to extend the range of devices and provide remote control by default uses no passcode

The problem with relying on default authentication for Bluetooth devices is that it opens up networks to serious risks. Hackers can view the most recent location of Meeting Owl users, as well as their identities, IP numbers, and other details, thereby creating a clear road map for attackers. This can lead to attacks on Meeting Owls over the internet, or proximity attacks, which use Bluetooth flaws to gain control of the device and burrow into a network.

Works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms

If you’re looking for a better way to hold online meetings, you should consider the Meeting Owl. It has 360-degree video and audio capabilities, and sits at the center of your conference table. With its beamforming technology, it ensures that everyone in the room can hear each other. Meeting Owl works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You can even use it in conjunction with Microsoft Surface Hub to enhance your meetings.

The Meeting Owl app provides backchannel communication for your online meetings. With this feature, you can chat with attendees one-on-one or in groups. You can set who can join your chats and save them manually or automatically. You can record a live meeting using the Meeting Owl app and have it synced with your web-based video conferencing platform. You can even set up your meetings in such a way that you don’t have to worry about capturing or losing anything from your meetings.