iPhone 14 Demand Will Be Much Higher Than iPhone 13 in China

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is expected to bring more radical changes than its predecessors. Aside from an improved design, the upcoming phone may also feature a pill-shaped camera cutout. And it will surely cost more. But will consumers really pay more for the iPhone 14? Here are some theories on how Apple’s next phone will be better than its predecessors. And do you want to know what the differences will be between the two models?

Apple’s next iPhone may have more dramatic improvements

The new iPhone may offer more radical changes than previous generations. While Apple typically boosts RAM every two years, its latest pro models may get even larger upgrades. This newest chipset from TSMC, which also makes Apple’s MacBooks, will likely be paired with a more powerful 8GB of RAM. That would be a big step up from the 4GB RAM found in the iPhone 13 mini.

The rumored iPhone 14 lineup is likely to be nearly identical to the current models, with the exception of the smaller iPhone 13 mini. The biggest changes to the standard models are likely to include a notchless display on the Pro model, a 48-megapixel camera, and an improved A16 processor. The company could also ditch the iPhone Mini in favor of a larger, more powerful device. But it’s not entirely clear what the new phone will be like, and many rumors are contradictory.

It will cost more

Apple’s iPhone 14 will launch in September, and it’s expected to be a family of handsets: two standard models, a high-end Pro model, and a cheap entry-level model. That’s according to a report from Bloomberg. A detailed iPhone 14 Pro Max mock-up has also emerged online, which is even more convincing. It reveals the iPhone 14 will cost more in China than it will elsewhere.

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It’s unclear why the company has delayed announcing the iPhone 14 in China, despite rumors of a looming COVID-19 pandemic. The company usually launches new iPhone models in September. It’s not surprising to find a new iPhone size launching later than usual in China, but it’s also possible that the Chinese economy is having a tough time. This means that Apple will cut the number of NEW iPhone models it releases each year, and instead use an older model for all price tiers.

It will have a new design

The upcoming iPhone 14 will have a new design, but not a huge change. Rather, it will be very similar to the iPhone 13 series, with no notch. In addition, the 14 Pro and 14 Max will feature a hole-punch cutout rather than a notch. If that is the case, we’ll probably see new cases and covers for those models. Here are some of the more important design changes expected in the iPhone 14.

In Apple’s design cycle, the company switches to a three-year cycle for hardware designs. For the iPhone 6, the company introduced a completely new design, and then upgraded the internals. In the year after, the company will change the design again, with the iPhone 14 getting the biggest changes. Earlier, Apple announced that the iPhone mini would no longer be produced, but that the design will remain the same for the rest of the series.

It will have a pill-shaped camera cutout

A new leak claims that the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup will feature a pill-shaped camera cutout on the front of the device. The leak is based on a leak on Chinese social media website Weibo. It claims that the standard iPhone 14 will stick with the current A15 chipset, while the Pro model will move to the A16 chip. In addition to the leaks, 91 Mobiles also published CAD renders of the iPhone 14 Pro and its camera cutout.

Apple’s notch was a common design element on the iPhone 13 Plus, but the rumored iPhone 14 could be the first to move the Face ID cameras below the display. Using a pill-shaped cutout would require less space for the camera and sensors. While a pill-shaped cutout would be less noticeable than a notch, it would allow Apple to squeeze a larger camera into the same space.