iOS 16 - The Best New Features Coming to Your iPhone

iOS 16 brings a raft of new features to your iPhone. Here are the most important ones. You can now edit sent messages, un-send them accidentally, and mark iMessage conversations as unread after opening them. These new features will make your iPhone’s iMessage experience a whole lot more seamless and enjoyable. Plus, these new features are sure to increase your iPhone’s resale value.

Focus mode

With iOS 16, Apple has finally introduced a new feature to its mobile operating system: Focus mode. This mode allows you to set specific automations for specific tasks, such as allowing notifications on your work email or a notification to be ignored when you’re sleeping. You can also customize the Focus mode settings on your iPhone or iPad, excluding apps you don’t want to be bothered by. In addition, this new feature is compatible with all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Live Text

iOS 16 will come with a whole bunch of new features that make using the text on your iPhone easier. Apple added support for Live Text in images and videos, video and currency conversions, and new widgets for Apple Watch. Another great addition is Visuelles Nachschlagen, which allows you to remove the background of your photos and include text. LiveText will also recognize the font of your images and videos, so you can edit them.

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Unsend iMessages

iOS 16 is set to introduce a few key new features including the ability to edit iMessages. Apple announced the new feature during the WWDC keynote this week. The feature will only be available 15 minutes after the message is sent. You will still be able to delete it after that period has elapsed. Also included in the new version of iOS are a personalized lock screen and the ability to change the date and time on your phone.

Ability to mark iMessage conversations as unread after opening

Previously, Apple has rumored about adding the ability to mark iMessage conversations as unread. The feature was later removed and replaced with the pinning feature, which is useful on its own, but we’d still prefer a more simple way to mark a conversation as unread. With the iOS 16 developer preview, Apple has finally added this option. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Multiple lock screens

If you’re planning on creating several lock screens for your iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. The new iOS 16 update lets you link your Focus app with custom lock screens. The Focus app is activated whenever you tap the lock screen, so you can set up multiple lock screens for different applications. To change your lock screen, you can tap on the Focus link from the Lock Screen customization main page. In addition, you can also link different lock screen apps to the Focus app. To do this, long-tapping the lock screen thumbnail and then tapping the Focus button in the lock screen preview will help you change the lock screen.

Safety Check

Apple introduced its new iOS 16 operating system at the WWDC event 2022, bringing with it a new feature called Safety Check. This feature helps you review the contacts you share with others and block them from accessing your phone. It is intended for people who are dealing with an abusive relationship and need to restrict access to their phone. Among other features, Safety Check will allow you to control access to the camera and contact list from any device.