iOS 15.5 Is Here - What You Should Know Before Downloading

iOS 15.5 is out now, and here are some features that you might want to try before downloading it. We’ll also discuss security improvements, improved maps, a new notification API, and Siri language support. If you’re looking to update to the latest operating system, these are the updates for you. Read on for some essential information about this new version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iOS 15 security fixes

iOS 15.3 is an update to iOS that contains ten different security fixes. It also fixes a bug in Safari that made it possible for websites to view your browsing history and Google user ID. You can upgrade your iPhone or iPad through the Apple Store or by opening System Preferences and selecting Software Update. Those with an Apple Watch can also download the update through the watch app, and those who use Apple TV can follow the same procedure.

Improved Maps

Apple has released an update to its map application, iOS 15.5, which brings improvements to navigation, route details, and more. The updated user interface of Maps also enables users to interact with routes and destinations with just one hand. Added notification features let users know when a stop is approaching and it’s time to disembark. The place cards have been redesigned, too, with more information and details about nearby spots on the same map. They also now show information regarding the Guide, which will be useful when traveling by bus, train, or airplane.

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New notification API

With the latest beta of iOS 15.4, Apple appears to be working on web push notifications. Maximiliano Firtman spotted some changes in the iOS 15.4 beta. Firtman reported his findings to 9to5Mac. In addition to laying the foundation for web push notifications, iOS 15.4 introduces a new notification API. Read on to learn more. This new notification API should be available to developers by the end of the year.

Siri language support

The recent iOS 15 update brings more language support for Siri. In addition to the five languages that Siri currently supports, iOS 15.5 now adds support for two new Black voices with American accents. It’s also possible to speak in Indian or British English to Siri, which can also process voice commands in the native languages. The update also adds new Siri Widgets, such as the ones for the App Store and Mail.

Privacy report

Apple has released a new privacy feature that allows users to monitor their app’s activity. App privacy report is an information tool that displays detailed data regarding an app’s data usage. It also includes data related to sensor access, website network activity, and contacted domains. It was introduced in iOS 15.2, and was released on December 13, 2021. This privacy tool records all of the data an app collects. It can be used by users to determine which apps are safe and which ones should be avoided at all costs.