How to Transport Semen for IVF?

A tactic called IVF Vitro fertilization now makes it possible to get eggs from the mother, fertilize the egg with the father’s sperm, prepare the embryo in the laboratory, and place it in the woman’s uterus of a gestational surrogate so that the surrogate woman carries the fetus until birth. Moreover, she has no genetic ties with the baby because it was not her egg used in this process. If she is an egg donor, too, then she will transfer her genetics to the child.

Do you need an Egg Donor?

A gestational surrogate is known as a birth mother. The biological mother is a woman whose egg has been fertilized. The birth mother is a woman people hire to deliver a baby on an agreement. This procedure is gaining popularity in different areas of the world, and these birth mothers are available at high rates. The ARK Cryo is very high because there is an agreement between both parties.

How can we reduce the cost?

If the cost of surrogacy is high for you, you can reduce it by hiring another without an agency’s assistance. There are two ways to this process. It means you can discuss it with your circle, friends, and relatives, or you can browse online or advertise for it.

Health and Fitness

It is one of the most important things you must check in a birth mother. If she has the following health issues, you must go for medical checkups to avoid any pregnancy complications.

Migraine and severe headaches this is no single problem. It comes with another issue. Headache is a sign of other problems like infection, temperature, or muscle torment. Most pregnant women find neck pain, which is the prime cause of discomfort. So, she needs to visit a surrogacy doctor to get rid of this pain. In this way, you will learn how to handle the problems related to the wrong posture.

Low back pain

This is common in those who are facing weight gain. Sitting in the same posture and an exact position for a long time can cause lower back agony. When your spine is not in proper shape or has a burden, you must be careful about your sitting duration. Make the span short and enjoy better health. But this is not done. You need to call a doctor for this reason. It helps in making life simple and easy. Learn the techniques and correct your posture. It will solve your problem in a better way.

Medical Care

After completing the initial formalities, the surrogate mother needs medical care when this pregnancy starts. She must go for regular checkups with the doctors during this period. If the mother feels some of these symptoms during the pregnancy, it is vital to visit the doctor. In this way, you can save your birth mother from a child’s risk of life and birth.

Is it shipping semen overseas?

Yes, it is possible because IVF clinics can manage shipping-safe options for this purpose. They are reliable in their services. They use insulated shipping containers to transport sperms, so storage is secure and safe. Sperm storage containers are airtight, and they are spill proof.

They use liquid nitrogen for safe and excellent delivery of international and domestic shipments because Semen samples are delicate. They are sensitive to external factors and environmental changes. This nitrogen vapor works as an ice pack or dry ice. In this way, your sperms are safe during shipping. Due to all these features, shipping sperm overseas is possible.

Environmental Safe Containers

Sperm shipping is normal in the well-being business and is important for various medical factors. Thus, they need eco-friendly packaging. Besides, utilizing safe boxes is becoming a pattern in the world. There are a few characteristics and elements that they offer. These containers have a green methodology, and their costs are reasonable. They offer dependable help to sperms since they have no synthetics. Along these lines, they don’t create harmfulness, which helps save their quality. It makes them storable for quite a while, and it works on their impact, so there is popularity for them.

Hygienic Containers

Additionally, you can make them sterile since it is fundamental to working on their adequacy and medical advantages. It is great to add an anti-microbial layer to the containers to make a protected layer for the clients. This layer can assist with diminishing the creation of microorganisms and pollutants in these containers. It kills microscopic organisms by creating a layer unwelcoming. They can do this by the counter microbial consideration accessible in various structures. This is the best innovation that urges individuals to pick your image since it accompanies an enemy of the microbial layer. It is viable with a wide range of materials. However, you can track down its 100% results with eco-accommodating boxes. It diminishes microorganisms by 99.99%. Additionally, you can utilize it to get 100% safe bundling since it deters cross-pollution and deactivates infections.

Mistakes to Avoid when giving Sperms for Shipping

You need to be careful when you are going to handover sperms for shipping to overseas. There are some methods for safe storage and they are highly usual and almost dependable as well as efficient. But there is always room for error or doubt in these efforts. Here are some mistakes that can be the cause behind your incorrect result.

  • You can get an incorrect result because of a lack of knowledge, or you may not have complete information about the method you are going for.
  • Take care of the container since it is another reason for getting false results. Sometimes you attempt the wrong procedure that destroys the chemical reaction.
  • You are not careful about the sterilization of the container. You must take sperm on the first morning time. It is highly recommended and efficient for an accurate result.
  • Always use a plastic container that should be clean, without dust, with no substance, and with no drop of water. It can change the chemical reaction of your indicator.
  • The ingredients should be taken fresh. Always check the date of expiration before using them.