How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft(Three Most Working Methods)

Imagine if you could tame foxes and make them follow you. If you want to know How to tame a fox in Minecraft then here it is,

If you want them to tame, you simply have to make a situation so that they mate and reproduce a new baby fox. The new baby will be your tamed fox. Unlike his parents, he will not run away from you and you just have to feed him sweet berries.

Foxes are very cute. If you are a Minecraft fan, you would also want to make one for your friend and tame him. Foxes are not easy to tame like wolves. You can not just feed them and become their friends. You have to put in some effort.

Where To find them

It’s not that easy to find foxes. Even if you find one he will just run away from you. Foxes do not become friends that easily. Just like the real world, they are not so loyal. They run away when they see you.

Normally you have to search Tiaga Biomes to find them at night. The normal Tiaga and the Snowy ones are helpful to find them. The giant tree taigas are best to find those foxes.

The snowy ones are very rare to find. So use the Giant Tiago Tree to find tons of foxes.

Find Two Close Foxes
How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft(Three Most Working Methods)

The best way to tame a fox is to find the foxes which are close to each other. You can not just run towards them. They will run away from you if you run towards them.

You should crouch or sneak towards them. So they won’t realize your presence. Before Taming the fox you need these things:

1 Stack of Cobblestones

1 Stack of Sweet Berries

1 lead

1 Nametag

After you have the above things, you can now tame the fox and become friends with them.

You should crouch towards them and make a wall of cobblestone around them. So they won’t be able to run away. Then you just need to feed both of them sweet berries. Once they eat your berries, they will start to love each other. They will mate and reproduce a new baby fox.

The baby fox is the tamed version. Unlike his parents, he will not try to run away from you. You just have to feed him some sweet berries.

He will start to grow and will eventually become an adult fox. It will be difficult for you to differentiate between the tamed version fox and the other foxes. So you just have to use the nametag.

Just name your tamed fox before he becomes an adult. So you will easily recognize him. The tamed fox will not be running away from you but he will be following his parents.

So you have to separate the baby fox from his parents. Now use the lead to make him follow you.

Can’t Find A Couple Of Fox(Just Follow these Steps)

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft(Three Most Working Methods)

If you cannot find a couple of foxes together. Then you just have to be a little tricky. You need a stack of cobblestones, a stack of sweet berries, a lead, and a Nametag.

Just make the cobblestone wall around the first fox.

Then go for the next one and make a wall around him too.

Make a track of walls so any of them would not be able to run away.

Joint both of their walls and then just break the walls which connect them through the track. When you will break the wall, they will eventually run away from you and run towards each other.

When they come closer to each other. Close the walls at the right moment. Now feed both of them and they will mate to produce the new baby fox who will be tamed by you.

Trap the fox through the Boat
How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft(Three Most Working Methods)

This is the most difficult technique to tame your fox. But it is still useful. You just need a boat for this technique.

You just have to place a boat right next to it. Just do not place the boats on them so they may run away.

You just have to wisely place a boat. Now run towards him from another way so that he run towards the boat.

He will eventually get trapped inside the boat.

When he gets trapped inside the boat you can take the boat anywhere you want.

Just take that boat and find the next fox with whom you want the latter one to mate.

Once you get them together, you just have to follow the above steps and you will get another tamed fox.

Increase The loyality

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft(Three Most Working Methods)

Imagine if you could have the loyality of the fox.

Well If you follow these steps, I am sure you can increase the loyality of your fox.

Let’s say a fox who is not tamed has the Tamed score of 0 which means it is wild and it will just run away from you.

After having a tamed fox you can say that he has the tamed score 1 = He will not run away from you. He will not get scared of you when you walk toward him.

Now if you have two tamed foxes, you can mate them together and the next baby fox will have more taming scores. He will approximately have the taming score of 2 which means he will not get scared of you even if you run towards him.

Now imagine if the fox follows you. It does not seem like it is possible if you make the situation and make the foxes mate have a tamed score of 2.

The new baby fox will have the tamed score of 3. He will not only get scared of you but also follow and run towards you if you are holding sweet berries.

Now if the foxes have a score of 3 mates together, they will give birth to the fox having a tamed score 0f 4.

This fox will be completely loyal to you. This is the real tamed fox. He will even protect you and fight for you. There are possibilities that this technique would work. I do not think that foxes can be tamed just as a wolf but it will be pretty amazing if you managed to do that.

I am sure after reading this whole blog you have got the answer to How to tame a fox in Minecraft.


You can tame a fox by simply using these three methods above. You just have to lock two foxes in one wall so that they could love and mate.

They will give birth to a fox which will be tamed by you. You just have to feed him Sweet berries and you have to use the lead to separate him from his parents.

You can also increase the loyality of the fox by just making the tamed foxes mate again and again.