How to slide in Madden is one of the challenges gamers have with the new generation of consoles. There are so many new features on both PS3 and Xbox that it can get tricky trying to master how to slide in Madden. Fortunately, the folks over at Microsoft have seen how frustrating it can be for many gamers to learn how to slide in Madden and created a feature in the new Xbox that makes the whole process much easier. You can find out how to slide in Madden by reading this how to slide in Madden guide.

To start off with how to slide in Madden, you will need to know how to activate the Xbox Live Sign-in. To do this, just press thesquare/x button on your controller. Next, hold thesquare/x button to lock in your PS3 sign-in. Finally, double-tap thesquare/x button three times to lock in your Xbox Live account.


The PlayStation 3 has some pretty cool new features packed into its controller. One of these includes the Xbox Live Sign-in feature. Once you are signed in, you will see a padlock icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

To get started with how to slide in Madden, you will need to activate your Xbox Live. To do that, press thesquare/x button on your controller. Next, hold the square/x button while your mouse is moving up or down on the keyboard to lock in your PS4 sign-in. Once your mouse has stopped moving, you can release it and move your mouse up or down on the keyboard to activate your Madden play. Press the square/x button to unlock your PS4 and enter the game.

There are four player types in Madden 21: the running back, the wide receiver, the tight end, and the setback. Your every decision and motion in the game will depend on which player type you are. To start off with how to slide in Madden 21, you will need to pick a player type. Once you have chosen a player type, you will see the oval yardage markers positioned around the field. The two colors that represent the yardage markers are green and red, depending on which player you are.

Now that you are in the game, there are two ways how to slide in Madden 21: either getting hit or keeping your feet planted. Getting hit while sliding might cause some extra damage to your Xbox One, especially if you are a running back. So, how to slide in Madden 21? Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground as you take a knee to hip turns, keep sliding sideways when you take a pitch, and keep your body in position to absorb the impact of a helmet hitting you in the face.

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Another important aspect of how to slide in Madden 21 is how to react if a defender hits you. In this game, NFL quarterbacks know how to slide to the inside of their opponents. You will notice that most NFL quarterbacks make their slide out toward the middle of the field. The running back will generally lead the run, while the quarterback will either throw a quick spiral or a hard face to the outside. The quarterback will also have a wide open receiver to throw the ball to. These NFL plays are designed to put the defense in a particular situation.

If you are playing in a Madden league or in an online game and you see an offensive player that you think may be able to throw an incredible spiral, feed it to them. The quarterback will slide in and then once he is able to get around the defender, he will throw the spiral. Make sure that you don’t slide too far backwards when making your slide because you will take yourself out of the play. It might be hard to slide back in but remember you are still being asked to run and you must continue to run until an open passing surface is available.