How to manage fear within your team (Do not panic)

Everybody fears something in life and in many ways the basic survival skills of human beings indicate that there is a healthy aspect of fear present in our lives. For instance, if you do not fear getting sick, you might not take care of your health or indulge in healthy activities. Likewise, if you do not fear missing your deadlines, you might not complete your work on time. 

Fear can be considered a fundamental component of decision-making. But like other emotions that are part of human life, they are supposed to be balanced and managed. Experts provide different tools and management practices that can help you manage your fears. You can learn about them on different blogs and videos on YouTube and other platforms. 

For a buffer-free YouTube experience, you can use RCN Internet which provides you with reliable internet service. For now, let’s have a look at the different ways you can help your team manage their fears and ensure growth. 

Make Psychological Safety a Priority in Your Organization

There are many situations where people in different organizations are not psychologically safe. This is because they go through emotional manipulation, verbal abuse, lying, and other things that can affect their psychological well-being. Many organizations use unhealthy tools and practices without noticing that their employees are living in a kind of helplessness. 

We all feel psychologically unsafe in many situations. A lack of psychological safety is very dangerous for the organization and its future as it can cause delayed work, absenteeism, more employee turnover, etc. 

To make sure that your organization adopts a psychologically safe culture, you are supposed to let your employees have a say if they experience something wrong. You should also promote a work environment where anybody can ask for help if they find themselves in a problem. Also, you should make sure that all members of the organization realize that they will be held accountable for any actions that are morally or ethically wrong. 

Encourage People to Have a Competitive and Accountable Environment

Competition and conflicts are often portrayed as something negative. A place where people do not compete with each other is boring and loses its purpose. Most times, a lack of conflict means people aren’t speaking up about problems they face at work or in other aspects of life. These problems get bigger with time and create abstract pressure inside you. Eventually, when you explode, it can create a lot of negativity in your organization. 

You can create positive competition by making sure that your employees trust they won’t be attacked if they will speak up. Also, people take competition positively when they know that people are held accountable in the most respectable way for their actions. 

Create an Open and Friendly Environment

It is understood that people will not open up to you and feel comfortable discussing their fears and insecurities in life easily. To know about their fears and shortcomings, you can simply ask them. It takes time to build trust and people want to make sure that the organization will understand and respect their fears if they’ll speak up. Also, they expect their leaders to provide honest answers and solutions and be transparent to them while discussing things. 

To jumpstart and build a culture where people can open up to their employers, one can use team-building activities and different exercises centered around trust.

Offer a Stable and Transparent Environment in Uncertain Circumstances

If there is an uncertain situation going on in your organization, it is obvious that your employees will feel anxious. This can be because they fear getting laid off, acquisitions, economic downturn, etc. In such a situation, the leaders should ensure transparency and stability and it is their responsibility to show openness about learning about a new situation. 

Use Different Tools to Communicate with Employees

Not everyone is comfortable joining one-on-one sessions as they feel that doing this can spoil their image or make them vulnerable to others. You can let them use different online apps and tools that can help them communicate with the leadership online without leaving their desk. For instance, one can use Skype or Zoom’s video calling or text messaging capabilities to discuss things in a more comfortable and open environment. 


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that can help employees have safe conversations with their managers and counselors. This way, they can communicate their concerns and fears in a better way. Doing so can help them get a clear picture of things and a way to have a better life at work and home. Managers can also provide a platform where employees can have open discussions and get better practices to improve their work and achieve goals.