Improve Strength and Power With Exercises

There are many ways to increase strength and power at home. For those of us who are able to get up in the morning, our best bet is probably to start a workout routine or a daily regimen that will increase our ability to do the things we need to do from the moment we get up. We can start with some of the simplest methods like push ups, sit-ups, and chin ups to increase strength and power at home. If you are unable to get up in the morning without hurting your back, or if you have problems getting up after heavy lifting, these methods may be very beneficial to you.

Push Ups – One of the easiest exercises to do, push ups gives anyone who performs it a good chance of building muscle mass. It involves the use of a hand, forearm, and body weight. Using your hands, you will use a variety of different upper and lower body movements to press the opposing sides of your body into the floor or each other. This exercise provides a great deal of power for your muscles and over time can lead to increased muscle mass. You may not see any change right away, but over time you will begin to feel a great increase in your overall strength.

Squats – One of the most popular exercises, and the one that people start out with is the classic squat. The basic idea is to bend your knees while keeping your back straight. You then raise your hips off the ground and forcefully push them forward. This exercise can be difficult at first, and it may feel like you are bouncing a bit, but as your legs and hips get stronger, you will find yourself getting a better workout from each repetition. Your abdominal muscles will benefit as well, as your core has a lot to do with being able to support your spine. As your core gets stronger, your balance will improve, and you will find yourself being able to carry heavier weights.

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Crunches – Another easy way to improve strength and power is with crunches. This is another exercise that can feel a bit challenging at first, especially if you have had back problems in the past. However, as your back, and abdominal muscles become stronger, this exercise can also become easier. Just remember to always fully exhale as you lower yourself down, and you will be doing your pelvis and back a big favor. Make sure you don’t overdo it though, as you don’t want to cause a hernia while you are working out!

Leg Raises – Although these may not seem like they would help you improve strength and power, you would be surprised at the increase in results. Simply place a bar across the front of a chair, and lay down flat on your back. Now, without raising your legs, simply to bring them all the way up to your chest area. This is similar to performing a sit ups, except you’ll be keeping your legs up while you are completing the rep. Try increasing the weights as you get better.

Deadlift – Probably one of the most famous exercises known to man. If you can hang onto a chair with no problem, then you can perform a deadlift. As the name suggests, you lift the weight with your deadlift arms and return it to the ground. You do this many times, and you’ll notice that when you increase the weights, you increase strength in all the muscles in your back. It’s an exercise that can help increase the power in your back, and lower back pain.

Other exercises that can increase power in your body include doing high knee jumps, explosive lunges and calf raises. You can even do power cleans or snatches. If you’re looking to increase strength and power, you should try and do as many of these types of exercises as possible. Not only will you increase overall strength and power, but you’ll be building up the muscle in your chest and biceps as well.

When looking for ways to improve strength and power, there are several different things that you can do. The key is to pick exercises that you enjoy, and don’t mind performing them on a regular basis. The best exercises to build strength and power are ones that target multiple muscles at once and aren’t too hard. Make sure you use them every week to increase overall back, chest and leg strength, and lower back pain.

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