How to Improve Speed in American Football

In this piece I will discuss a few drills to improve speed in American football. There are many drills available for running backs, receivers, quarterbacks, and other positions in the game of American football. This article will focus on just one position: wide receivers in the game of American football. We will examine some drills to improve speed in football that can be used by any wide receiver

One drill that can help any wide receiver is known as the 10-yard out pattern drill. This drill consists of a series of basic steps to throw the ball out of the backpedal and complete a circle’s pattern on the field. The steps involved are breaking the horizontal line, breaking the vertical line, and stretching the offensive formation. You want to use a fast motion so that you can get the ball out of your receiver’s hands as fast as possible.

Another drill to use with the receiver position is known as the forward and back jump drills. The goal of this drill is to improve the speed and quickness to run a route. You can also add an outside receiver to this drill and work on his route or go up the field and throw the ball between two tight ends.

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One more drill that will help you improve speed in American football is known as the one leg drills. In this drill you will start out standing one yard behind the quarterback with one leg in the ground. Your teammates will each take a kick and place it about six yards in front of your body. Then, you will sprint down the field and return the kick. This drill is designed to improve speed and the ability to get the ball out of your legs quickly.


The last drill in this article deals with the fade. In this drill you will stand behind the quarterback and run fake across the middle of the field. Once you fake across the middle of the field, your teammates will take turns running the ball around you. You will complete the fade by throwing the ball to one side of the field or the other depending on which way your team lines up.


As stated earlier, practice makes perfect. There are many drills that you can do to help speed up your game. The play-action drill is probably the most effective. If you can master this drill you will see an increase in your speed on every play. With this drill, the quarterback will throw the ball to one side of the field while the offense takes the other side. You must then complete passes to each team member in order to get the ball into the end zone.

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Another drill you can do that will help with speed is known as the change of direction drills. This drill involves running or taking a field goal kick to one side of the field while the other team runs the opposite way. As you make your way to the sideline, you must change directions. Most of the time, the other team is going to call out a defense. As a result, you must run or take a field goal kick in the opposite direction of their defense.

If you combine these two drills together you will create a powerful speed demon. All you need to do is practice. There are plenty of drills available for you to use. If you have never played in an actual game, you should consider enrolling in a speed coach to show you how to use these drills properly. When you finally become the speed demon you have been waiting for, don’t forget to give the other team a speed bump!