How to Improve Soccer Dribbling

Dribbling in soccer is a vital part of the game. Without proper ball control, a player cannot be successful. This ability also enables the player to complete quick and accurate passes and to complete soccer drills quickly. However, most dribbling techniques are difficult to master.

Some basic dribbling drills for players are not well understood by most coaches. Most players don’t realize that they should keep their head down during play. They need to maintain constant contact with the ball at all times. A coach who continually gives pointers while the ball is in play will quickly lose the player’s focus and confidence. This can lead to mistakes and even physical injuries.

A coach must also be patient with his players. Sometimes players struggle to learn new techniques. This doesn’t mean that the player doesn’t have the talent or ability. It simply means that the players learning the new technique need some time to adapt to the change. Many players learn easier when they play in a team environment. As such, soccer teams practice together often to learn and get used to one another’s style of ball control.

One of the simplest ways to improve soccer dribbling skills for beginners is to stand behind the ball. The forward player is the only one allowed to actively dribble the ball. The rest of the players should back their own goal. That way if the defender makes a mistake, the other players have a chance to recover. For example, if the forward pulls back for an attempted clearance, his teammates can stop the attack and then counter attack in search of the ball.

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Another simple way to improve soccer dribbling is to dribble the ball while standing. Standing while playing a soccer game is much different than sitting and watching the sport. Watching the ball is more like sitting in front of a TV screen. It is more difficult to concentrate on soccer dribbling when you are moving around and constantly having to turn your body. In essence, it is much easier to improve soccer ball control when you are on the field.


Many players also try and lob the ball. Although this technique is easy, it is also very hard to control. When a player lobs the ball, it is nearly impossible to control where the ball goes. Instead, the ball flies straight up into the goal. This may sound easy but the shot is extremely difficult to save because the object of the lob is to get the ball in the net. In fact, many soccer goals are won by only shooting the ball once.


There are many books and videos out there that teach people the basics of how to improve soccer ball handling skills. Most of these dribbling techniques focus on getting the ball in the goal as fast as possible. However, it is equally important to learn how to control the ball so the player can finish the play properly. For example, many players who are dribbling the ball will try to kick the ball as hard as they possibly can in order to send it into the opposing goal.

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A good way to control a soccer ball is to use your legs. Squat down and kick the ball, just as if you were playing a traditional sport. You can also kick a soccer ball with your feet if it is available. There are many kicking games available online that people can play. Just make sure to kneel down in order to kneecap the ball and stay in the game. After you start playing with the kicking ball, you will be surprised how much faster you can run and complete your soccer goals.