How To Improve Basketball Court Awareness

Basketball court awareness drills are vital to any active player. The court is a highly competitive place and there is no place for mistakes or sloppy play. Knowing how to improve basketball court awareness should come naturally for any basketball player. A good court awareness helps the player knows his or her position on the court, where to be when the ball is in play and knowing the opponent’s tactics.

Every player has a preferred shooting form and a certain number of steps in that shooting form. This form can be perfected with practice. It is very important that a player knows the precise steps they are going to take in shooting. This will help them anticipate where the ball will go and how soon it will arrive. When on the court watching the other team play, it is important for the player to estimate the speed of the ball and the direction it will move in.

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There are many court awareness drills designed to train the eyes and brain to be alert and aware of positions on the court. Every single movement on the court needs to be estimated. This helps players anticipate what may happen next. The training drills may include counting backward while playing the backboard or watching the other team plays the basket. Or the person may run or do a hand stall while counting to ten.

Other basketball court awareness exercises may involve taking off toward the basket and then jumping from side to side. This requires good coordination. Counting is very important and must be done accurately.

There are many basic drills that must be done to train the eyes and brain on the specifics of every movement on the basketball court. The basic drills can also teach court vision. When watching the other team, the person must know where the ball is located on the court. If the ball is out of bounds, the person has to react quickly to make a play. Eye protection should be worn at all times when court vision is required for how to improve basketball court awareness.

When shooting a basketball, proper form is essential for shooting a high score. For this exercise, stand with your legs apart at shoulder width. Hold the ball between your legs with your palm facing up. With one foot forward and the other foot straight, shoot the ball as hard as you can but stay as close to the rim as you can. You want the ball to fly as far in front of the hoop as possible.

A drill that teaches court awareness is called “ball in, all out” drill. It can be done in any court, even outdoor courts. Place three balls on the court and mark the spot on each one where you put your body. As you shoot the ball, move toward the ball and as you get closer to the basketball court, push off of your toes and run into the ball. This will teach you to be an expert at movement on the court and improve your basketball court awareness.

Knowing how to improve basketball court awareness can help you make plays that are not readily apparent to other people on the court. For example, if the ball is rolling toward the free throw line, an on-looker might think the ball is rolling toward the basket when it actually is traveling toward the free throw line. Another example of this is when a player drives to the basket and there is no one around him to screen him. A good defense player can often get away with committing a turnover when there are few people to help.

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