How to Improve American Football Iq

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. It dominates the headlines on all media outlets with big sporting celebrities and multimillionaires lining up for this prestigious sport. In the world of professional football, the term “IQ” is thrown around a lot. It’s usually used to describe the mental and physical abilities of a player or team. The debate on whether players are born with these abilities or just need some training time to get up to speed can rage on forever. There have been several studies done on this topic over the years.

In the US, the Football Writers Association estimates that up to 90% of pro football players are un-athletic. That’s pretty bad when you consider that it’s one of the few sports in America where the participation rate is increasing. Of course genetics can also play a part. But experts agree that American football players are not born with the physical skills required to play the game. Instead they must put in the hard work and repetition to develop their skills.

If you’re a soccer or football player, you know that practice makes perfect. Every player learns techniques and strategies through repetitive practices. However, in addition to practicing, they must also be taught techniques to learn the game and improve their overall fitness. When players are given an opportunity to train with fitness experts and professionals, they see that they can learn new techniques and improve their fitness without even breaking a sweat. This kind of access to knowledge helps soccer and football players have a better understanding of how the game works.

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American football is no different. The sport is very physically demanding. The players need strength and agility training to increase endurance, agility and strength. They use their lungs and heart to move the ball faster and further than their competition. Coaches need to provide these kinds of skills and drills so that players have a better understanding of how the game should be played.


For coaches and trainers, this kind of fitness instruction is crucial for the continued success of a football team. Without proper fitness, players will become easily injured. Not only will they be more susceptible to injury, but they will not learn what they need to learn to be successful on the field. That means the team will not be able to learn how to win the game. With a better understanding of fitness, players will be able to use their skills to get the win, not allow the other team to win by excessive force. With a better understanding of how the game should be played and a strong fitness foundation, football teams will see victory over their opponents time again.


A good fitness foundation also equips athletes with the mental edge needed to excel in the game of football. In football, it is not enough to have all the skills and techniques known. If a player lacks confidence, they will never feel comfortable on the field. The mental side of a football player has to be perfected before players can ever hope to excel on the game.


Improving American football IQ by learning new techniques and strategies can be difficult. That is why a person should not jump into a learning curve by themselves. Taking advice from an expert, such as a coach or an athlete, can help a person along the way.

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American football is a unique game that requires many different elements to be successful. Understanding these components and applying them to a game plan are the keys to winning in football. Being able to execute properly, learn from the experts, and develop a proper fitness foundation can go a long way for any athlete looking to improve their skills. Once an individual reaches a level of understanding and confidence in their abilities, they may find that they are capable of playing at a much higher level than their previous level.