How to Hide the Emperor's Child Chapter 3

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In How to Hide the Emperor’s Child, Estelle, a one-day empress, is pregnant with Kaizen’s son. The two are living in a quiet country life, but Kaizen wants Astelle’s permission to take over Meilen’s territory. As the empire continues to recover from the rebellion, Astelle must decide whether she can keep her son’s identity a secret and protect the empire from Kaizen’s intentions.

In the next chapter, Astel reveals that she has a condition. She will never let Kaizen know that the child is his. The emperor will be appalled and he will ask her to think about her condition. In the end, Astel will finally make a decision that will save the Emperor and Astel.

In How to Hide the Emperor’s Child chapter 39, Astelle begs the majesty for help. She explains that she has not been to a ball in a while and that she is going to be rude to Kaizen. However, Kaizen insists that they dance and Astelle agrees.

In fact, the emperor’s son is the only heir to the fallen family. He has no other siblings and no one knows this. Kaizen was the Vice Commander of the Knight Guards a few years ago. Fritz was Astelle’s brother, and Sigmund, her maternal uncle, had died during the civil war in the north. In spite of this, Astelle asked the Marquis Carlenberg to register Theor as the child of Uncle Sigmund, even though Theor was born from a maid who was known as Uncle Sigmund’s lover.

Kaizen’s will to hide the emperor’s child

How To Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 37 deals with the aftermath of the conversation between Astell and Kaizen. After Kaizen finally opened up about his feelings, Astell was in awe. While he did not appreciate his emotions, he still pledged to continue their relationship.

Astelle is in love with Kaizen, but she is unsure whether or not she should trust him. After hearing the news of their divorce, Astelle wants to kill herself, but Kaizen doesn’t want her to die. If she died, he would become a heartless emperor. He hopes she will bear the humiliation and pain of being rejected. However, when Kaizen asked Astelle to remain with him, she refused to do so, thinking that his love for her would not be returned. He believed that if she was able to stay with him, all of the mistakes that were made in the past would be forgotten.

Empress Dowager had given Astelle a will. If she had not given her consent, Kaizen would have rejected her will. This was embarrassing for Astelle, who didn’t want to lose her crown because she had a child. But she had hidden the child because she wanted to protect the child. She hid the child for a decade and hid it from Kaizen. After several years, she reunites with Kaizen and has a son with him. The emperor wants to know about the child and asks her. The princess lies to the emperor and calls her son her nephew. She does not want to hurt the boy.

Despite Astelle’s attempts to keep her from telling her about her identity, Kaizen refused. Even though Lady Astell had previously lived in the emperor’s palace, her identity was hidden from the world. Lady Astell, however, wanted to keep her relationship with Kaizen hidden.

Zohora’s poor health

The plot of How To Hide the Emperor’s Child continues to unfold despite Zohora’s deteriorating health. In Chapter 41, her majesty will have to face a serious situation – her wound has become severe and she will need a doctor’s care. Subordinates will rush to her side, but she will need time to recover.

After hearing Astelle’s thorny words, Kaizen replies with ridicule. Despite this, Kaizen may be just trying to clarify an inheritance issue for future emperors. The crowd wonders how he’ll deal with the situation.