How To Get NetFlix Sound Through Your Old Box

So you have the new Netflix video player, and you are wondering how to get Netflix sound through receiver boxes. If you have a satellite or cable box, your video is only going to be shown on your television unless you have “Netflix On” activated. That means if you have cable, satellite or a box that doesn’t have Netflix, you can’t watch movies on it! The good news is that this is changing starting with the latest release of the “flix” software. It now enables you to stream from Netflix on just about any internet device, including PCTV (Plasma TV), iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to get Netflix sound through receiver box…

how to get netflix sound through receiver


To activate this newest feature, first download the latest “flix” software from the official website. When it is downloaded and installed on your PC or laptop, open up the software and follow the simple instructions. The software will also install the latest version of “HDCP” High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection, which is also known as HDCP 2.2, which is required for all streaming media.


Now, let’s go over how to get Netflix sound through receiver boxes. After the installation is complete, the Netflix control panel will appear. Click “Settings”, scroll down to “Audio Settings” and click “Check now”. This will start the “Netflix Streaming Audio” process. This new feature will enable your TV or home theater to display the latest movies and television shows in HD when available. You will also see an icon on your desktop called “Netflix”, and it will turn blue when this is active.


If you don’t see the icon or the blue icon, then your Netflix application might not be able to communicate with your computer. It is possible that your Internet connection may be too slow for streaming audio. If this is the case, then you will need to upgrade your Internet service. For the meantime, you can use a digital audio player that you can connect to your existing television with or buy separate speakers and connect them to your computer.

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You have two audio options to choose from: Lately, we have seen a new option called HDMI output. This stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and is pretty much what you’ll see when you connect the box to your TV. There are only a few devices that support this high resolution audio. Your TV must be of HD resolution or you will experience a wobbly picture. Also, if you are using a box with a great variety of media features such as DVD players and camcorders, you should make sure you have a HD port! It’s available on some devices now.


You should also make sure your Internet Service provider has HD ready ports on their router. If they don’t, you may have to upgrade your Internet connection. Many homes have no choice but to upgrade because all wireless devices used to be HD ready, but now they aren’t. This is not an issue if you’re using your TV for home entertainment.


Finally, you will want to connect the audio device you’ve just connected to your computer to an amplifier. This will help the sound to reach your television or other audio devices. This step in how to get NetFlix sound through your box will probably make it easier to get the pictures in the frame to come alive! In addition, when you watch movies or videos with a high definition picture, the sound tends to come alive as well, often more so than it would without the high resolution. This is another great advantage of going HD!


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to get NetFlix sound through your old box. If it didn’t, then you should contact customer support affix dot com and ask how to get NetFlix sound through your box. Or, check out some other information on the NetFlix site, including ways to upgrade your current subscription to HD. The prices are reasonable and the benefits are substantial!

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