How to Get Imposter Every Time in Among Us Mobile

You’re probably wondering, “How to get Imposter every time in Among Us Mobile?” Is it possible to manipulate the game to become Imposter every time? YouTuber Xeexhxn claims that you can manipulate the game to become an Imposter. But this method has not been proven to be effective. So how do you stop the Imposter from stealing your character and money?

Among Us

If you’re wondering how to get the Imposter role in Among Us mobile, this guide is for you. You must be a purple-colored character and wear the second hat in the bottom row of the characters’ hats. To become an Imposter, you must enter a chat room and type in the word “Imposter”. This will trigger a new character, who will then join the game as an Imposter. You may need to type “Imposter” several times until you manage to change the color. You can also type in the secret code YTPGH6 so that you can change to another Imposter.

One way to fix the imposter bug in Among Us mobile is to stay in the same spawn position. The reason for this is that most players run around the lobby before a game begins. By standing still, the chances of becoming an Imposter are significantly higher than they would otherwise be. Among Us was originally released in 2018 and received very little attention from the mainstream, but is now enjoying an influx of popularity. In addition, the game’s sequel is being announced for August 2020, so there’s no time like the present to jump on this hack!

Another way to get the Imposter character is to join lobbies that contain the maximum number of imposters. This is one of the easiest ways to become an Imposter. You can even join a match with no other players in it if you want to increase your chances of getting picked by an imposter. You can also try hosting a match without inviting anyone else so that you can be an Imposter as often as you want to.

Always Impostor

You cannot guarantee that you will always get the Imposter every time you play Among Us mobile. The role is chosen randomly every time you start a new game and cannot be repeated more than 3 times. To force the Imposter, you must have a high level of computer knowledge. If you want to know how to get the Imposter every time, read this article. The following tips will help you get the Imposter every time you play Among Us.

You can increase your chances of getting an Imposter by joining a lobby that has maximum Imposters. You can also try leaving matches when you are not playing. This method is widely popular among gamers and many swear by it. However, it can also increase the chances of randomly getting an Imposter. There are many ways to increase the chances of getting the Imposter. Try a few of them and see which one suits you the best.

You can change your character’s hat. Choosing red skin will make you more likely to be selected as an Imposter. Changing your hat is also an easy way to make sure that you are not getting imposter every time you play the game. Just make sure to rotate your hat regularly until the match begins. The Imposter will appear when you do this several times.

How to Get Imposter Every Time in Among Us Mobile


To make your crewmates think you’re not an Impostor, you can use the Vents. These are located near your Crewmates, so if you see one, use the vent to exit the room. However, this tactic may backfire if the Impostor notices or sees you enter the room. This tactic is more effective if no one is using security cameras.

Another common mistake of an imposter is venting at the wrong time. The vent button is located on the bottom right of the screen, near the kill button. Often, you’ll find yourself pressing the vent button while you’re doing other things, such as downloading a game or walking away. The key to success is to avoid venting at the wrong time. It’s very easy to get trapped in a room that has no exits, so it’s important to keep your vent clean and re-open it as soon as you can.

Another important tip for venting is to make sure you don’t use the vents while you’re on a kill cooldown. While the Impostor will be able to use the vents endlessly, an Engineer will have to pick their moments. You’ll have a limited amount of time to use the vent, which depends on your lobby settings. After 30 seconds, the vent will automatically close and you’ll have a cooldown before you can use it again.

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Getting the imposter role in Among Us is not impossible. It is a simple process. The first thing you need to do is enter the game. Once inside, select the Imposter option. You can select this option on Android, PC, or iOS. You should also know how to use vents, as they are essential to winning the game. Here are a few tricks for getting the imposter role in Among Us:

The next step is to enter the settings section. Find the imposter folder, which is highlighted in red. Once you’ve found it, you’ll know that you’re the imposter. It’s possible to find it at an emergency meeting or when entering a room. You can also see how many crewmates are in each room by clicking on it. Make sure the imposter folder is selected before you enter a room.

Another option is to use the secret code YTPGH6 when you’re playing the game. The secret code is YTPGH6, which will change the Imposter’s appearance. You need to wear a purple color character to be Imposter. The second step is to wear a purple-colored hat. Finally, make sure that the purple-colored character has the second hat on the bottom row. Then, wait for the crew member to join the game and type “Imposter” in chat.

Cheats for being an imposter

While it might seem impossible to become Imposter every round in Among US, it’s certainly not impossible. The best way to increase your chances of becoming an Imposter is by joining a lobby with the maximum number of Imposters. You can also increase your chances by leaving matches. Some people swear by this strategy, while others don’t think it works. Regardless, it is certainly possible to increase your chances of being chosen at random.

To become an Imposter every time in Between Us, you’ll first have to wear a purple-colored character. You’ll also have to change your hat, and if it’s red, it’s easier to get caught as an Imposter. You can also change your skin color if you want to, but you’ll need to rotate it until the match starts.

Once you’ve found the murderer, a discussion round will begin. The users can then vote for the character they think is the imposter. If the imposter is discovered before the other players, the game will end. If they are not found, voting will continue, and the imposter will have to wait until the next murderer is discovered. Until the next time, a new character is discovered, the voting process will restart.

Another way to become an Imposter is to join games where there are more Imposters. This is the easiest way to play Imposter more often. To join a game with more Imposters, try to find one with fewer players in the lobby. Smaller games will usually have fewer players, and smaller ones will have more Imposters. Additionally, Reddit users have reported that players are always chosen as Imposters if they host the game.