how to evolve swirlix in pokemon sword

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on how to better play the game, look no further. This article provides advice for collecting and evolving your own pokemon, as well as some strategies to help you win battles.

the evolution story:

Swirlix is a pokemon that has the ability to evolve into either Slurpuff or Aromatisse. While it may seem like a simple process, there is actually a lot of hidden information that needs to be taken into account in order for this to happen. This guide will outline everything you need to know in order to successfully evolve your swirlie.

To start off, you first need to find a sweet herb. This can be found at various places throughout the game world, such as near waterfalls or in tall grass. Once you have acquired the sweet herb, you need to give it to your swirlix. If your swirlix is male, he will require an item called a moonstone in order to evolve. If your swirlix is female, she will simply need to be fed the sweet herb multiple times.

Once your swirlix has eaten the sweet herb, it will go into a deep sleep. During this time, it will transform into Slurpuff or Aromatisse respectively. It is important to note that while your swirlix is asleep, it cannot be attacked or interacted with in any way. You will have to wait until it wakes up before you can start playing with its new form!

how to evolve swirlix:

Swirlix is an adorable Pokemon that can evolve into Slurpuff. If you’re looking to add one to your team, here are some tips on how to evolve it.

To evolve Swirlix, you will first need to collect the items specified below. After you have collected them, go to a Pokemon Center and use the Evolution machine to change Swirlix into Slurpuff.

the pokemon sword guide:

If you’re looking to evolve swirlix in the pokemon sword, here’s how you can do it.

First, you’ll need to find a water-type Pokemon with the ability Torrent. Once you have that Pokemon, trade it in to the PokeCenter in any town and use its TM06 (Water Pulse) on swirlix.

Swirlix will learn Water Pulse at level 36, so make sure you have enough pokeballs and money ready to hand when this happens!


Evolve swirlix in pokemon sword:

Swirlix is a cute, yet powerful pokemon that can help you win fights in pokemon sword. Here’s how to evolve swirlix:

-First, you’ll need to earn the friendship of a wild swirlix. If you can get it to like you, it’ll become your ally and let you battle it using its moves.
-Once you’ve earned its trust, head over to the water section of the game and talk to the man there. He’ll give you a special key that’ll allow you to access the underwater area where swirlix live.
-Once you’re in the underwater area, swim down until you see a swirlix nest on the bottom of the lake. Use your key to open it and inside you’ll find an evolution item for swirlix – a moon stone.
-Once you have the moon stone, return to the man in the water section of town and give it to him. He’ll evolution your swirlix into hornetwrath!

Swirlix is a fairly common pokemon in the pokemon sword universe, but it can be difficult to evolve it. In this article, we will show you how to evolve swirlix into Vigoroth in pokemon sword.

To evolve swirlix into Vigoroth, you will first need to collect the following items: 16 candy, a moon stone, and a swamp stone. After you have acquired all of the required items, take your swirlix to the lakeside area near Viridian City. There, you will need to use your moon stone on your swirlix to make it night time. Once night has fallen, go to the swamp area and use your swamp stone on your swirlix to make it muddy. Finally, give your swirlix 16 candy and it will evolve into Vigoroth!


Anyone who has played Pokemon Sword knows that the swirlix is a powerful pokemon. This article will teach you how to evolve swirlix into a more powerful pokemon.
Swirlix is a ground type pokemon that evolves from Popplio when you get the item Super Potion. To evolve swirlix, you first need to get the item Super Potion. Once you have the Super Potion, head to the island north of Cerulean City and talk to the professor there. He will ask you to give him a specimen of a certain type, so choose swirlix. After giving him the sample, he will tell you to return in one day and he will have given you an item named Dragon Scale. Next, head back to the pokemon center in Cerulean City and give the Dragon Scale to the lady at the back (she will be wearing a green shirt). She will then ask if you want to keep the Popplio or evolve it into swirlix. If you choose to evolve Popplio into swirlix, your Popplio will turn into a swirlix and your game will progress as normal. If you choose not to evolve Popplio into swirlix, your game will end and you will have to start over. After

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