How Much Money Could Jeff Beans Give Per Year To Every Kid?

One day, I was talking to an acquaintance about the question of how much money could Jeff Bezos give every American each year. His response was, “Not much.” Really, he was saying how much money could you get away with giving to Amazon and he would be okay with that. And then he said if you were in business, you know that this is how it works, so don’t ask how much money could Jeff bezos give each year. He did say that he was thinking of starting his own company in the eBook market, something akin to ClickBank, but he didn’t want it to be called ClickBank. He wanted it to be named Amazon.

So, how much money could Jeff bezos give per year to every single American? He said he doesn’t know. I asked what percentage of the proceeds from the sale of his books would go to the IRS and he said ninety percent. That was a pretty generous amount of money, I must say. But then, when I talked to him later on in the day, he gave me an even bigger figure: one hundred percent of all of Amazon’s revenues over the course of one year.

One of my friends in the think tank, which does research all the time asked why. He said, “For a one dollar bill, you can buy all of the world.” He continued, “And there’s no taxes on it. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?” Indeed, I totally agree with him, I’d give one dollar bills to any non-profit charity in the world, absolutely, but you might be able to make some kind of donation to Amazon in the form of a discount.

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In fact, I have a friend who is raising money for the Habitat for Humanity organization, and she told me how much money she could potentially raise with Amazon. She said, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to break even with Amazon. It’s too easy money.”

Well, she did make enough money to give her car away, but she only gave her portion of the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity, and she will probably give most, if not all of her car’s proceeds to them. And she’s just one of thousands of people who are thinking along those lines. If Jeff was still alive, he would probably give all of his stock to charity and in return, we’d all have better conditions for the planet. Now, isn’t that nice of him?

But, you might say, “There’s nothing wrong with asking how much Jeff could give to charity each year. What’s wrong with purchasing the same brand of Beanie babies for about one dollar?” Well, it’s not wrong, but you should do your homework. I recommend that you don’t use “cheap” products as gifts, because you’re not giving your family good real quality stuff.

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And remember, your kids will be getting much cheaper products anyway. So, how much money could Jeff bezos give per year to every kid? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my children buying quality toys than “cheap” toys. Besides, your “cheap” toys might not last through the season anyway. Besides, you could give them something really nice as a present, but you know what…you could pay more for that.

And that’s the key, kids. You know how much money kids spend on that beanie baby from their first year of buying, and even more every year? Do you want to be their brother? Be honest, you probably do. And anyway, if you’re a parent, you’d want your kids to think so, too. So, if you ask me how much money could Jeff bezos give per year to every kid, the answer would be “not much”.