How Mobile Phone Was Invented

The history of mobile phones is marked with several milestones. Cellular technology has taken several important steps forward to bring us this communication marvel that is so convenient and indispensable to our daily life. This is the reason how we know that cellular phones were invented over centuries ago. However, you might be wondering how this history of mobile phones came to be.

To start off with, we will throw light on how cell phones were discovered and developed first. The discovery of phone calls was a landmark that happened when the Egyptians used a metal disc to make a signal to call each other. This discovery eventually brought the first phones in the world. A remarkable invention indeed. It was an accident by one man who happened to look at his watch and saw that the sun was shining at the same time as an atomic explosion. This is how the first mobile phone in the world was born.

With time, different types of cells phones appeared and these phones were packed with features that were designed to help people stay connected. It was not long before wireless Internet connections were introduced. This further enabled people to stay connected with each other and connect to the office network or to the Internet wirelessly through their cell phones. This is how the first phone in the world was used.

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With the evolution of cell phones, features were added to phones and the size and capabilities increased. As more features were added, people started looking for ways to expand their communication capabilities and mobile phones helped them achieve this. With the evolution of mobile phones, it became a necessity for every individual to carry a phone so they can communicate to others.


How did the phone get invented over a span of just a few years? There is no specific date as to when the phone got invented, but historians have traced its creation back to 1791. One of the characteristics of a mobile phone is that it is a hand held gadget rather than a wrist watch like earlier phones were. This is because most people prefer to hold the phone in their hands rather than their arms. This is also the reason why cell phones were invented over wrist watches.


In the past, cell phones used to be equipped with a dial tone. The tone could be configured using various tones and the volume could be set according to one’s personal need. However, with the advancement of technology, mobile phones started to come with two-way speech options. This feature enabled the user to speak with someone even if the person on the other end was not nearby. In fact, mobile phones today come equipped with GPS technology that enables the user to find someone regardless of where he or she is.


Another aspect of how mobile phone was invented is the way it evolved as time moved on. Initially, cheap and basic models of phones were sold to individuals, but as the decades passed, the market has become saturated with different types of phones. Smartphones are capable of doing several functions and they have become a big hit among young generation. Mobile phone companies have also launched different handsets depending on how popular a particular handset is. Some handsets come with video calling facilities and this has made them very popular with youngsters.

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With so many different manufacturers and handsets available, how did we get to know about how mobile phone was invented? One of the methods was through newspapers. There was a popular article discussing how the first mobile phone was invented. This article was written by a person named Samuel Simon and he provided details of how the first phone was created and where it originated from. Today, there are many websites that discuss how mobile phones came into existence.