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This is a very good question that beginner bloggers often have: they strive for their first hundreds of subscribers and don’t know what to do next – do they need more? Is there a certain border where their dreams and plans are going to come to life? Or do they need to concentrate on something else? In this article we’re going to unveil all the misunderstandings and myths that are floating around Instagram’s followers count, and we are going to also tell you how to solve the problem of having not enough subscribers once and for all. 

It might not be that obvious to newcomers, but increasing the subs count is something that’s needed more to trick people into thinking that you’re already successful than to actually make money off your account. It might look like the more subs you have, the higher are your chances of becoming well-paid or well-sold, but that’s not quite true. Yes, the more readers you have, the wider you’re able to spread the word about your products, services or dids, but it’s not the warranty that people are going to actually buy something from you. Your audience should be engaged into what you’re doing and this is not obtainable if you’re not putting enough time and effort into the process of your profile’s promotion. 

However, to make people look at your profile you really need some subscribers on your count. How many is enough? Depends! You should first figure out what aims you’re trying to reach with your promo “campaign” that you’re about to organize, and only after that you should be thinking of the number of followers to obtain. If you want to sell or advertise your products and services worldwide, you should aim for thousands, but if you’re aiming for a small but loyal audience, several hundreds even might be enough. If you don’t quite understand the question of the audience size and its consistency, it would be better for you to call for help from a professional promoter. You can take one consultation from them to figure out the basics and then move forward on your own. 

So, let’s say you’re willing to have several thousands of followers on your count. Should you be waiting for them for weeks and months? Or could you speed up that process a little bit? You might have already heard of a chance to buy Instagram followers – what do you think about that? Have you heard the opinions that those can be useless and harmful? Did you believe those? The truth is: if you’re doing something thoughtfully, it definitely cannot harm you, but if you’re trying to buy as many as you can as cheaply as you can, you won’t see any good from it. What do we mean? You see, there are two types of social media promotion websites right now: one of them are selling fakes and one of them are selling the chance to buy real Instagram followers – it’s not hard to guess which option you should take on.

Real followers are the ones that are actual users of Instagram and the ones that can show actual positive effect on your account’s statistics – however, those aren’t going to be as cheap as the fake ones, which are being sold almost for free nowadays. But whilst those are ridiculously cheap, those are also harmful: Instagram algorithms will see that bots are coming on your profile in huge packs in minutes and you might get into the shadow ban or your content won’t be shown to actual people as recommended from now on. IG will perceive you as fake as well. 

Summing up: the number of subscribers that you’re willing to buy should depend solely on the aims that you have; you should never purchase fakes if you don’t want to destroy your profile’s reputation and you should always think ahead of what you’re doing with your page. Stay in touch with your audience, be online for them and think through what you’re going to post and how it is going to affect your business page’s statistics. Choose wisely what to buy and where to buy it from and you’re going to see tangible changes coming to your page in no time!