How Do Accredited Hospitals Use The Health Record?

Do you know how to do accreditation organizations use the health record to their benefit? Most medical offices, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers take the word of their accrediting agencies. How do they accomplish this? The process is quite complicated but it’s important to understand first.

Many organizations use the health record to promote their credibility with the respective regulatory bodies as well as to build their reputation. It’s important to note that these regulatory bodies have specific rules when it comes to patient care delivery. For example, Medicare and Medicaid require that hospitals maintain specific patient care delivery guidelines. One important factor is that the hospital must serve all patients within its service area. Otherwise, it will be considered not to comply with its policy and will be subjected to fines or even shut down.

To promote patient care delivery, it’s necessary for the hospital to comply with government policies. Therefore, if the provider wants to participate in Medicare or Medicaid, it will first submit its plan to the applicable agency. It will undergo several audits and inspections. If found fit to comply, it will then be accepted and granted coverage. If found wanting, it will not be renewed and the organization will lose access to Medicare or Medicaid.

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This process is not only to promote quality patient care but also to prevent abuse and neglect from taking place in the future. When the hospital or the facility is granted accreditation, it will not only be assured of continued government funding but also favorable referrals by other institutions and organizations. However, this accreditation process is not confined to the medical sector alone. The process is used by virtually every type of organization. For example, educational institutions, colleges and universities also seek to achieve recognition through accreditation.

how do accreditation organizations use the health record

How do accreditation organizations determine whether the health care delivery facility is sound enough to allow it to receive accreditation? There are two major ways by which they arrive at their decision. They either look into the service quality of the hospital or the overall operation of the institution. Whether a hospital has high standards of hygiene and service, the staff’s attitude toward their patients and the number of years the facility has been in operation, these are some of the factors that are considered by the organizations.

It’s important to note that hospitals that have achieved the highest level of accreditation are recognized worldwide. Thus, it is essential for all organizations to look into how to do accreditation organizations use the health record to assess health care facilities. In the United States, this specific regulation was introduced as part of HIPAA. As per the amended Privacy and Electronic Health Information Act, all health information related to a patient is protected by regulation. As of now, only a handful of hospitals and other healthcare facilities are accredited in the US.

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In order for a hospital to gain approval from an accreditation organization, it should have met several criteria. Firstly, the hospital should have a high standard of service that would be upheld even after multiple inquiries or reviews. Secondly, the hospital’s reputation should have been built over a long period of time, so that there would be minimum risk of further harm coming from using the records. Thirdly, the institution must also have a system in place that would allow other stakeholders to access the medical records if necessary.

However, the process of how do accreditation organizations use the health record does not end at having them inspect and evaluate the hospital. After an institution gains accreditation, it must still continue to monitor the quality of health care delivery provided by its facility. This is done by regularly conducting internal and external audits, along with keeping a watch on the hospital’s ranking in various health care organizations. In addition to this, changes should also be made to maintain the necessary standards and policies that would allow institutions to keep up their accreditation status.