Helen McCrory has passed away due to cancer at the age of 52

Actress Helen McCrory who played the role of “Aunt Polly” in “Peaky Blinders” and “Narcissa Malfoy” the mother of Draco Malfoy in “Harry Potter” has died at the age of 52 because of cancer, Daily Reuters reported on Friday.

She was famous for the role of Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders and also, she played an awesome role in the bondfilm skyfall. She has contributed a lot in the entertainment industry.

McCrory, who too frolicked the former mate of Tony Blair, Cherie, in the movie “The Queen” and gained a cord of acting prizes for her effort on the stage and on TV, had two offspring with the “Homeland” performer whom she wedded in 2007.

'Peaky Blinders' And ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Helen McCrory Dies At 52 Due to Cancer
‘Peaky Blinders’ And ‘Harry Potter’ Actress Helen McCrory Dies At 52 Due to Cancer

“I’m heartbroken to announce that after a heroic battle with cancer, the beautiful and mighty woman that is Helen McCrory has died peacefully at home, surrounded by a wave of love from friends and family,” her husband “Lewis Damian” said

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J.k. Rowling also tweeted that:

“I’m devastated to learn of the death of Helen McCrory, an extraordinary actress and a wonderful woman who’s left us far too soon. My deepest condolences to her family, especially her husband and children. Simply heartbreaking news.”

“She died as she lived. Fearlessly. God, we loved her and know how lucky we are to have had her in our lives. She blazed so brightly. Go now, Little One, into the air, and thank you.”

Nation Theatre Also Tweeted: