Gramhir Instagram Viewer and Analyzer

Gramhir is an Instagram profile viewer and analytics tool that doesn’t require any registration. Whether they are a writer, company owner, or simply someone who wants to maintain track of their online presence, it’s marvelous software for anyone who wants to obtain an overview of their Instagram activity. Gramhir also offers some fantastic tools for bloggers who seek to track followers, engage with their audience, and ascertain whether posts are working well. So that you can maximize your interaction throughout the day, you can even plan posts to go live at specified periods of the day or week.

Gramhir: Instagram viewer without an account

Without needing to register an account, you may browse and analyze your Instagram account using Gramhir. Both a desktop program and a Chrome extension are options. To find out which of your posts have gotten the most likes, and shares, and how popular your photographs are overall, visit Gramhir. You may also get demographic information about your followers. There are no advertisements, and Gramhir is completely free to use.

What does Gramhir offer?

Gramhir offers a number of features that a person can use to get information about an interested profile. Some of these features are:

  • Account Monitoring: Without requiring an account, Gramhir is an Instagram analytic and viewer. It’s an excellent tool for monitoring account growth, examining the effectiveness of particular postings, and learning more about your audience. In addition, Gramhir offers a number of other capabilities that may be used to expand your Instagram audience.
  • Various Metrics: You’ll see a chronology of your postings when you first open Gramhir. Each post’s audience size, as well as the hashtags and accounts that it has been shared with, may be seen. Metrics of engagement like likes, comments, and shares can also be tracked.
  • Hashtags and all: You may find comprehensive details on each post in the “Insights” section of Gramhir. You can see, for instance, which hashtags were most frequently used, what subjects were discussed, and what kind of material was most liked. This data is crucial for evaluating your Instagram success and planning your next content ideas.
  • Instagram story viewer: Gramhir also features as an Instagram story viewer. You can check and analyze the stories of specific accounts. How? When you search for the required profile, the result page will have the ‘Stories’ button under the username. When you click on it, the Gramhir will show the stories in the profile if it has any at that moment. Otherwise, it will show the message as “@username has no stories.”
  • Followers Viewer: You can enjoy Gramhir also as an Instagram followers viewer without an account. Besides the ‘Stories’ button, Gramhir displays a number of interesting other factors about the account i.e., the number of posts, number of followers, and following. You don’t need to register for this feature, either. This is a useful tool for identifying your Instagram target audience and establishing relationships with them in advance.
  • Comparing: You may compare your own profile to another person’s profile using this tool, in addition to downloading and stalking other people’s profiles. Since it displays all the information, including how many likes and comments prompt an individual to post each minute. You may search your own account on this and receive the most detailed information without paying for it.

Advantages of Gramhir

  • Simple and easy to use: If you’re using this tool for the first time, it won’t be difficult for you to use. No special guidance is required. It is wonderful and useful because of its user-friendly UI.
  • Utilize it without Registration: While offering services without registration is possible, registration is a time-consuming process. This indicates that anyone can use the services without registering!
  • Data Exporting: The ability to export data from an Instagram profile sets Gramhir apart from other tools that offer the same functionality. If you wish to have an additional backup of your Instagram profile, it might be helpful.
  • Safe to use: As it requires no registration, you can trust that it is safe to use. You do not have to provide any information about your account; hence, you will be anonymously analyzing the profiles.

Disadvantages of Gramhir

Like any other tool, Gramhir also has some drawbacks. These are:

  • Unpopular: Although this is undoubtedly a fantastic tool, the majority of people are unaware of it. Its social media pages have few followers as well.
  • Restricted Features: It is true that it does not offer a large number of features, such as an Instagram private profile viewer. Despite having very limited functions, we can still state that this tool is the finest ever. Maybe in the future, we get to enjoy more functionalities through this Gramhir.
  • No Mobile Application: Gramhir has no mobile application at the Apple or Google Play stores, though one can access Gramhir through its website on a mobile device.

Alternatives to Gramhir

If Gramhir does not work for you, you can always choose the below tools as alternatives.

  • Path social
  • Sweetagram
  • Inflact
  • Toolzu
  • Bigbanggram


It is possible to study any Instagram profile secretly using Gramhir, a unique application that also offers a backup data export feature. Moreover, it offers limitless downloading options. It doesn’t require registration to use. In general, Gramhir is a great tool for learning more about your Instagram account and finding new followers.