Five Best Upgrades the iPhone 14 Pro Could Bring

If you’ve been wanting a hands-on with the new iOS 16 Lock Screen, here’s your chance. Apple has previewed the new operating system, which delivers the largest update to the Lock Screen since the iPhone 4S. Other new features include powerful upgrades to Messages and Mail and iCloud Shared Photo Library. We’ll also discuss powerful new enhancements to Live Text, including Visual Look Up.

Live Activities feature

The new iOS 16 lock screen is equipped with a gallery of Apple collections and a Live Activities feature. The latter shows you current events and notifications as they happen. Users can choose to see the weather in real time or view views of the solar system. The Live Activities feature on the lock screen will make it easier to keep track of what is happening in real time. The Live Activities API will allow developers to create live notification widgets and track events.

Editing messages

Despite the fact that the new iOS 16 release is set to bring some major changes, some of the most notable are minor. The new iOS 16 lock screen will now let you edit iMessages that have been sent, as well as unsend them if you need to. This change is great news for anyone who uses iMessage frequently. But there are still a few other things that users will want to know first.

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Widget gallery

If you’re considering a new wallpaper for your iOS 16 lock screen, you have to remove your existing one first. To do this, you can tap the plus icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and choose a new wallpaper. Once you’ve chosen your new wallpaper, you can choose any number of widgets from the list. Widgets include a calendar, stock, and weather widget.

Sharing tab groups

In addition to the redesigned lock screen, iOS 16 also adds a new feature called “Shared Tab Groups.” These allow you to share tabs with other people and see what they’re looking at simultaneously. Sharing tabs also makes it easier to see who’s looking at what, so you can reply with a message or start a conversation. Sharing tab groups is an excellent new feature, and will allow you to make better use of your mobile space.

Undo Send feature

Unlike previous iOS versions, iOS 16 lets you edit messages sent by others and then recall them. You can also revert the action and mark the whole conversation as unread. You can also use the Undo Send feature to revert a sent message, even if you’ve already read it. You can also use the Undo Send feature to recover deleted messages up to 30 days later.