Hands-On With Over 100 New Features For iPhone Users

iOS 16 is now available for download, and this hands-on article will cover some of the new features available in iOS 16. In particular, you’ll learn about the Customisable lock screen, Focus mode, Push to Talk, and Safety Check. We’ll also discuss the new iPhone camera, which is now more responsive, and a number of other new features. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which features to buy as a new phone.

Focus mode

While iOS 16 is still two months away, new betas of macOS Monterey hint at some of the upcoming features. One of those is Focus mode. This new feature allows users to manage notifications and apps while saving time. It also gives you more options for customizing the lock screen. This article will show you how you can use Focus mode with your iPhone. But first, you should be aware of how iOS 15 implemented this feature.

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Customisable lock screen

The customisable lock screen in iOS 16 allows you to change a variety of elements. Whether you want the time to be larger or smaller, or you want to change the font color, you can do it. By long-tapping the lock screen, you can enter editing mode and customize the time and color. When in editing mode, you will see an overlay menu appear. A blue boundary will appear around the font you’ve chosen. You can change the font color and choose from six different font styles. If you want to change the color of the clock, you can also choose from Arabic Indic or Devanagari numerals.

Push to Talk

Push to Talk in iOS 16 is an API that enables third-party developers to add walkie-talkie functionality to their iOS applications. The API is already live on the Apple Developer Website, but will be coming to other iOS versions soon. Here are some features you can expect from Push to Talk in iOS 16.

Safety Check

Apple has added the new Safety Check feature to iOS 16 in order to give users more control over their privacy and personal information. It includes an Emergency Reset button, which can be triggered from the Settings app on your iPhone. Safety Check removes all permissions from your iPhone that are granted to others, as well as disables tracking software and location sharing. Additionally, it limits the number of FaceTime and iMessage sessions to the device you are holding. Another new feature in Safety Check is the ability to audit all the permissions that an app has granted to other users.


The iOS 16 Hands-on with over 100 New Features for iPhone Users gives you a sneak peek into what the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system will bring. One of the biggest changes in iOS 16 is the inclusion of collaboration invitations within the Messages app. Users will be able to view and edit messages from any location and also edit typos. The Messages app will also be compatible with Safari, Files, Pages, Reminders, Notes, and third-party apps.

Memoji customisation

Apple has released iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 systems, along with the first developer preview beta. The new operating systems continue to make improvements to the Messages app and Memoji characters. The new versions of these characters offer six new sticker poses and 17 new hairstyle and hat options. The new features will allow users to add more realism and emotion to their chat conversations. In the following sections, we take a closer look at some of the improvements to the Memoji characters in iOS 16.