Gundogan Offers Free Takjil in Indonesia Throughout Ramadan

Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, in cooperation with the Manchester City Supporters Club Indonesia (MSCI) community, held free takjil sharing actions in Indonesia through the month of Ramadan.

This task is completed for one complete month daily before breaking the rapid arrives. Dozens of members of this MCSCI community traveled across Jakarta to disperse takjil in a variety of areas, from the roads to orphanages.

The Chairman of MCSCI, Endri Waluyo, originally didn’t anticipate his community to have the chance to hold this action. Moreover, Gundogan immediately contacted him.

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“We had been contacted through email before the month of Ramadan and trainings with Gundogan, using a meeting through zoom. I believed it was just with the rep but it ends up that the participant, Gundogan himself, joined the meeting through zoom,” explained Endry.

Gundogan gave a concept that the MSCI community can aid a pure app from their private pocket of their German midfielder.

“He said’I’ve a Ramadan plan to disperse iftar meals in Jakarta. Please assist with this action, the rest it is possible to communicate with my supervisor’ he stated,” explained Endry.

Originally the actions only happened in Jakarta and its environment. But, Endry with consent from Gundogan’s agents distributed some quotas free of charge takjil sharing to chapters in different regions like Makassar, Lamongan to Sampit.

“Usually we disperse takjil on the side of the street. Yet, on several occasions we walked through the cities, mosques and orphanages to disperse takjil.”

A total of three million meals were distributed in this system. Aside from dispersing takjil, there’s also a program to disperse sahur food. “Three times after fasting, we’re still ongoing the food supply program based on this mandate from Gundogan,” explained Endry.

Aside from food, Gundogan additionally distributed first Manchester City jersey that was dispersed by MCSCI at societal foundations and orphanages.

Though he’s a German passport, Gundogan, that played with Borussia Dortmund, has Turkish bloodstream and will be Muslim.

“He’s one of our favourite players and I hope that this kindness is going to be a boon for him. In each app we constantly wish him success not to mention the Manchester City team,” reasoned Endry.

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Manchester City Supporters Club Indonesia was formally launched in 2010. In 2016, MCSCI formally became one of the official fans of Manchester City in Indonesia. Presently MCSCI already includes a total of 60 areas spread across various towns all over Indonesia with three million registered members.