Google's New Tech Can Read Your Body Language Without Us Knowing

You may not even know it, but Google is developing a new system that can read your body language without us knowing it. The technology will be able to read everything from the slightest twitch of your finger to your posture and predict your next move without requiring you to have a camera on your face. Eventually, it will be able to interpret all these factors to help you decide how to respond to politics or movies.

The new technology was developed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Products division. It will allow smart televisions, computers, and phones to recognize our body language without us having to interact with them. The technology will be able to read our body movements using reflected radio waves from our bodies. Once it’s developed, it could help people live more peaceful lives by automatically turning off our TVs and muting our smartphones when we are away from our devices. With the help of machine learning algorithms, it might even detect when someone is about to invade our personal space.

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Google's New Tech Can Read Your Body Language Without Us Knowing

Google’s ATAP project has started ramping up the development of radio detection and ranging technologies, which can detect people. It can also understand their orientation and position relative to sensors, and interpret how significant the movement is for our surroundings. It’s responsible for developing wearable technology, including Soli Radar in Pixel 4 phones. While the new technology may not be ready for prime time, it is already on the brink of becoming a reality.

The new technology is called Soli, and it is a miniature radar that understands human emotions at different scales. It can even recognize nonverbal aspects of a person, like hand gestures, and biosignals such as heartbeat. It can also detect whether or not you are asleep. It also has the ability to detect whether you’re sitting or standing.

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Currently, Soli gestures aren’t ready for prime time, but a few devices have already begun supporting this technology. For instance, the Pixel 4’s feature called Motion Sense detects when you’re approaching it and defers alarms to a later time. Similarly, Nest Hub Max is capable of detecting whether a raised hand is making you look at it.

Soli is a hardware solution that uses radar and electromagnetic waves to identify the patterns of human motion. The new system can also detect a person’s heartbeat and monitor his or her breathing rhythm. It also uses a chip called Soli to detect the user’s body motions and gestures, allowing it to recognize what the person is doing and respond appropriately. And with the help of these sensors, we can easily interact with computers without having to touch them.