Google Places is a new feature in Google which allows local businesses to create a Google map that directs customers to their online business. Local searches are now very popular and have become the most preferred type of search performed by Google. According to research statistics, more than 60% of all searches are done using local listings. Therefore, it is very important for any business owner who wants to expand his online business into the local market to consider Google Places. There are some simple steps to follow in order to start selling your products or services in Google’s customized local listings area.

Google Places is free to use. Once, a business signs up, they will receive a business listing page which has a link from their website to the Google map that is located on their landing page. The only requirement for creating a business listing is that the business should be registered with Google. It is free to register a business with Google and many times the only step that is required is a quick visit to the Google office to sign up. Once registered, Google will provide the website owner with all the tools they need to successfully advertise their online store.


A good way to start the process of expanding a customer base is to include a phone number and address on the listing. Many times people prefer to shop online and they like the fact that they do not have to leave their home to find what they are looking for. They can easily find a local business using Google Maps and then contact the store using a phone number they have provided on their listing. When a customer follows the link to the online store, the customer is taken to the page where they can view all of the products the customer has purchased.


Creating an online store is very easy to do. Many times a person will make a purchase from an online source and then choose to shop at the local retailer or go to the local store. This is where the customer base can benefit from using Google My Business for Ecommerce. By using this listing, a local business will reach thousands of potential customers each day. Not only does this list provide the customer with contact information for the online store, but it also provides the customer with the option to view their complete online store portfolio. This is very valuable information for someone who is trying to build a customer base.


Once the online store is completed, the business owner can update the listing any time they want by adding new products or photos. As long as the business owner uses the proper Google tools, updating the site is very easy. Most individuals looking for a local business will be very familiar with Google Maps and all of the other tools that are available online. These tools can be used to search for businesses in a particular geographic area as well as an overall city and/or neighborhood.


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Being listed with Google Local can also help boost traffic to a website as well as increase the number of inbound links to a site. When customers are searching for a local business on Google, they may be interested in additional information about the businesses nearby. If the business is featured as a result of a search query, more customers will be interested in visiting the site. This is why it is important for businesses to think about being listed with local search engines as a way to increase traffic as well as overall exposure.


In order for a business to become a part of Google’s My Business for Ecommerce, they will need to sign up for an account. The account will include a Google Merchant Account. Once the business has been accepted into the program, they will be able to post articles, store pictures and more. They will also be able to add a shopping cart and begin selling online. It is important for these new entrepreneurs to keep in mind that Google reserves the right to remove any listings at any time.


There are many ways for online businesses to increase their exposure while enjoying great success. Being a part of Google’s My Business for Ecommerce program is one way for online sellers to get started. This unique listing service offers a unique opportunity for online entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services and give potential customers a first look at what they will have to offer. Whether the business already has an online presence or is considering venturing into the internet world, this listing program is sure to provide many benefits to both the company and to its customers.


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