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Illustration involves creativity and a talent to visualise ideas most attractively. For a person interested in drawing and has an artistic temperament, a career in illustration is one of the best choices. Like any other career, becoming an illustrator needs a lot of hard work, skills, and experience along with the necessary educational qualification.

A BA in Illustration teaches you the latest illustration techniques and skills needed to land a lucrative job offer in the industry. The practical approach to learning can help you build your portfolio which is the most vital part of becoming an illustrator.

Now, you might be confused about where to go to pursue a bachelor’s in illustration. Don’t worry. We have got that sorted out for you.

Which are the best places to study illustration?

The first name that comes to our mind when we hear about art and paintings is none other than Europe. European countries excel in producing creative artwork and are famous for their paintings and architecture. Needless to say, Europe is the best place to start your journey as an artist.

Now that Europe is a broad term, let’s divide it further. Italy, Germany, Paris, and Spain are known for their love towards art and murals. Italy is the home to renaissance paintings, whereas Berlin, a city in Germany is famous for the East Side Gallery which is the world’s largest open-air art gallery. 

Considering the quality of education, career opportunities, and affordable living costs, Germany is perhaps the best destination to study illustration. Cities like Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, etc. are known for their concentration of art galleries and museums which serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists. You will also get a chance to meet several artists from around the world and expand your network which is good for your career growth. 

What will you learn from an illustration course?

An illustration course teaches you the theoretical and practical aspects of drawing and creating artwork. This will include lectures, workshops, seminars, tutorials, internships, case studies, portfolio development etc. The course will teach you how to respond effectively to the creative demands of the industry and present compelling ideas through art.

As the entertainment industry, particularly the gaming industry is growing each year, the demand for illustrations will keep on increasing. An illustration course can prepare you for the challenges of this sector and help you channel your potential towards lucrative opportunities.

What are the career opportunities in illustration?

As mentioned, the demand for illustrators is on a rise provided the growth of the creative and entertainment industry. Some of the popular career options in this industry are freelance illustrator, project manager, web and app illustrator, art director, set designer, game designer, digital imaging expert, etc. All these careers are well-paying and have high demand globally.

If you are someone who loves drawing and has a creative mind and eye for detail, an illustration career can take you to new heights. All you need is the right education, skills, portfolio, and network. So, enrol in an illustration program today and jump into the world of creativity.

This article is written by Anu Augustine.