Police say at least 30 people are missing after homes were washed away during freak flooding in southwest Germany, according to a local broadcaster.|According to a local broadcaster, police say that at least 30 people are still missing following freak flooding in the southwest Germany.

After heavy rains, which led to overflowing rivers and breaking their banks, flooding the homes on Wednesday, at least six houses in the country’s west state of Rhineland-Palatinate collapsed.

This picture shows an overview of a flooded area in Simbach am Inn, southern Germany, on June 2, 2016.
Four bodies were found floating in homes in France and Germany Wednesday in flash floods that left water lapping at the doors of one of the Loire Valley’s most famous chateaux. Heavy rains lashing parts of France, Germany and Austria cut roads, stranded people on rooftops and forced schools to close their doors, and French weather forecasters warned of more to come on June 2, 2016.
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Local broadcaster SWR reported that 25 additional houses were at risk in Schuld bei Adenau, in the hilly Eiffel area.

The floods have been described as a once-in-25-years event, and have already seen two firemen drown and the army sent in for emergency evacuation of stranded residents. Floods are described as an once in 25-years event. Two firemen have already died and the army has been called in to assist residents who have been left behind.

The torrential rains have disrupted rail, road, and river transport in Germany’s most populous region.

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After the Volme river broke its bank, Hagen, Rhine-Westphalia declared an emergency.

The city’s crisis team issued an alert warning that waters could reach levels not seen in over a century within the next hour. It urged those living near the river to evacuate immediately. Public broadcaster WDR reported.

TV images and news photographs from the scene showed dozens of cars floating in the flooded city and a powerful stream of water gushing through the streets Television images and news photos from the scene showed many cars floating within the flood city, and a strong stream of water coursing through the streets.