BUNDESLIGA football star Atakan Karazor has been captured on doubt of assaulting a youngster young lady at a manor in Ibiza.

The 25-year-old athlete, who plays for German first class side Stuttgart, has denied all bad behavior.
The club affirmed Karazor was being held and said they were currently in “steady contact” with their legitimate group.

Their star midfielder was captured on his vacation close by an additional 25-year-elderly person, likewise a German public, on Thursday.

A 18-year-old young lady told criminal investigators she had been physically attacked at a manor in San Jose in the early long stretches of Wednesday morning.

Very much positioned sources said she had been confessed to medical clinic after the supposed occurrence.
Karazor and the other suspect showed up under the watchful eye of an appointed authority in Ibiza Town in a shut trial, as is ordinary in Spain where just preliminaries occur openly.

They were addressed by police under the steady gaze of being indicted yesterday.

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