Gamevice Launches iPad Gaming Controller

In a bid to address these limitations, Gamevice has introduced a new line of iPad-specific game controllers. In 2018, Gamevice released a $50 controller gamepad that closely mimicked Razer’s Kishi design. Despite the $50 price tag, Gamevice has stepped up its game with the new line of iPad attachments. Here’s a quick look at why this new iPad controller is a must-have.

Gamevice is a lightning and usbc connected attachable controller

A Lightning and USBC connected attachable controller for iPad has made its way into the hands of gaming fans. This controller allows the iPad to be used just like a traditional controller, with the added benefit of a 3.5mm headphone jack. While the controller is a great accessory, it is designed to be compatible with mid-size iPads. USB-C models are not compatible with the Gamevice.

It works with most Apple tablets

The Gamevice iPad Gaming Controller works with most iOS devices and works with most Apple tablets. This controller features twin sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons, shoulder bumpers, triggers, and a charging port. The Gamevice iPad is compatible with the older 10.2-inch iPad models from the fifth to ninth generations. It does not work with the newest models of iPad, but it is still an excellent option for gaming on the go.

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It isn’t cheap at $100

The Gamevice iPad Gaming Controller is an excellent device for iOS gamers, but at $100 it’s not cheap. While the Gamevice looks more like a cheap plastic gamepad than a legitimate Apple product, it delivers a truly hand-held console experience for your iPhone. Unfortunately, at this price point it isn’t cheap either, and it’s tied to the current iPhone model. As a result, its lifespan will be shorter than its counterparts.

It’s a great option for cloud streaming services

One of the major benefits of a cloud streaming service is its huge game library, which is much larger than the App Store’s. The Xbox Gamevice controller is compatible with several of these services, including GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming, which are two of the most popular cloud streaming services. Alternatively, you can choose to download an app such as Apple Arcade to play your favorite games on your iPad.

It’s a great option if you are an Apple Arcade subscriber

Apple recently launched a new gaming console, Gamevice, for iPad users. The controller connects using the Lightning connector, and offers zero latency gaming for over 800 titles. Its ergonomic design sandwiches controls on the sides of the iPad to maximize comfort. It also features a number of buttons and triggers, including dual analog joysticks and a D-Pad. In addition, it has a pause button for when you want to stop playing. Additionally, Gamevice offers a dedicated app called Gamevice Live, which aggregates supported games.