Greece breathed a sigh Friday, after the “mega fires”, which have decimated large swathes of the country, were put under control. However firefighters in other parts of southern Europe are still on alert for new outbreaks.

The Mediterranean’s scorching heat has increased the danger of wildfires. These have already decimated parts of Italy and Turkey as well as Tunisia and Algeria. Large parts of Spain and Portugal are on high alert for wildfires.

According to the World Meterological Organization, rising temperatures and dryness caused by changing rainfall patterns have created ideal conditions for forest fires. The five-year period from 2019 to 2020 is “unprecedented” for such fires, particularly in Europe and North America.

According to scientists, heatwaves are becoming more intense and longer due to climate change. This will lead to wildfires that cause unprecedented material and environmental destruction.

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Rain and a decrease in temperature helped firefighters in Greece to hold the active fronts on Evia island and Arcadia, which have burned over 100,000 hectares. However, forecast winds this weekend raised the possibility of new flare-ups.

Spyros Georgious, civil protection spokesperson, stated that the massive multinational force supporting Greece will continue to be in place.

Georgious stated, “They are helping monitor the perimeters burned areas in Evia or Arcadia that are many kilometres.”