Mike Spann was a Marine who became a CIA officer and felt obligated to travel to Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

His father recalls that he called his father one last time to check on his children and told him he was hopeful they would find the mastermind behind the attacks, Osama Bin Laden.

Spann was killed days later, on Nov. 25, 2001, during a prisoner uprising at the fortress where he had been questioning extremists. The first 2,448 American service personnel to die in combat in Afghanistan was the 32-year-old paramilitary officer of CIA from Winfield, Alabama.

Spann’s father stated that he was disgusted at images of America’s chaotic withdrawal Monday, showing people desperate to escape the Taliban takeover, clinging onto the side of a U.S. military aircraft.

It makes me sick every time I see it. It is demoralizing. It is shameful. Johnny Spann stated, “I think it’s shameful we would do that.”

After dropping off his granddaughter in Birmingham, the elder Spann was forced to stop and take a look at the pictures on his phone. He said that the images of people falling to their deaths from the plane reminded of the American jumpers from the World Trade Center towers.

Spann stated that he was not against Americans leaving Afghanistan, but disagreed with the timing and manner of it being done. His thoughts immediately turn to the Afghans who assisted his son and other Americans after the Taliban tookover.

They are going to die. They will kill them. How can anyone stomach this when they know that we promised them? He said that there is no way to know how many people we would have lost without those people.”

Mike Spann seemed destined to the military from a young age.

He had Marine flags pinned to his walls and ceiling as a teenager. He would always desire to visit military landmarks and battlefields on family vacations. He announced that he would join the Marines shortly after he graduated from Auburn University. This decision was controversial because he was only a young husband.

“Dad,” he said, “Dad,” he had always wanted to become a Marine. His father said that if he doesn’t do it now, he won’t have another chance.

Mike Spann felt compelled to travel to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. He was willing to leave his infant son, wife, and two daughters.

The war’s duration can be measured in Spann’s three children. They were just young when their father died, but are now adults.

Johnny Spann became obsessed with the details of his son’s death in the years that followed. He searched for the autopsy report and photos, and spoke to those who had worked with him during his final days. He also strongly criticizes President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from the election.

He said that while much of the work done by his son and others has been lost, it doesn’t mean their contributions are meaningless.

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“They kept America safe and that was what they did for twenty years. They did their jobs. They did the job. They did exactly what was asked. He said that they didn’t lose their lives in vain.

He said that his son went to find bin Laden.

The elder Spann warned people not to assume that America is no longer at risk from the withdrawal of Afghanistan.

“This war isn’t over. He said, “We’ve only conceded territory we took.”