Facebook’s Oversight Board will announce Wednesday the destiny of Donald Trump’s accounts, which the stage prohibited after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. The oversight board will announce a choice about 9 AM ET.

Trump was suspended indefinitely after the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol. Other social networking platforms followed in limiting Trump’s accounts, and he had been prohibited outright from Twitter. The Oversight Board was set up to deal with appeals of business decisions. Facebook known its decision to the board on Jan. 21, but retained Trump’s suspension set up meanwhile.

“We think our decision was right and necessary,” composed Facebook’s Nick Clegg. “Given its importance, we think it’s essential for the board to examine and reach an independent decision on whether it ought to be maintained”

“We’ve taken the opinion in open democracies individuals have a right to listen to what their politicians are saying — that the good, the bad and the ugly — so they may be held to account,” Clegg wrote. “However, it’s never meant that politicians could say anything they like. They remain subject to our policies prohibiting using our system to incite violence.

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The Oversight Board was put up by the enterprise to function as a neutral third party on material moderation choices. It features specialists on engineering, legal affairs, free speech, journalism and electronic rights, and many from academia and base. The board appoints a bigger board to examine cases. The choice will be binding, meaning Facebook would need to reinstate Trump’s consideration when its January conclusion is inverse.

In the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol, Facebook originally suspended Trump, but afterwards made the ban . CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the then-president had used the system to”incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.”