Experts Warn of Dangers of Addiction to Online Gaming

Internet gamers are more prone to developing addiction than they think. According to research, craving-related activity is observed in the male brain. Studies have found that such activity affects relationships. Narrative therapy is a treatment that can help combat the addiction. Experts recommend that individuals try to reduce their gaming time. They can also use other methods of treatment, such as meditation and spiritual practices.

MRI scans show craving-related activity in the male brain

Men’s sexual drive is not completely understood but new imaging studies suggest that they respond differently to erotic images compared to women. Scientists say that these differences in sex drive may be due to differences in limbic brain areas that control reproductive behavior. Researchers now hope to further explore how these differences relate to the male brain. This article explains why men respond differently to erotic images.

The fMRI experiments produced 105 scans and were performed using statistical parametric mapping (SPM8) software by the Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology in London, England. The data were stored on the radiology department’s local server. These images were then processed by trained researchers using an advanced version of MATLAB software. The researchers analyzed the data for patterns of activity in these brain regions using fMRI imaging.

Narrative therapy helps treat addiction to online gaming

The growing popularity of video games has led to the development of narrative therapy as a viable treatment for many addictive behaviors, including online gaming. Narrative therapy helps clients view their experiences in larger contexts, separate them from the problem, and rewrite them. In doing so, it can help clients control their participation in online gaming and retain interest in work and hobbies. Narrative therapy also encourages clients to explore their strengths.

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While there are many types of treatment for online gaming, narrative therapy is most effective in treating youth who are suffering from Internet addiction. This treatment is non-combatant, and addresses addiction as a normal process. During treatment, therapists should be sensitive about the language they use during therapy. Narrative therapy involves a story that focuses on a person’s experience, rather than the effects of their actions or inactions.

It affects relationships

Research suggests that people who play video games tend to have poorer relationships with their friends and family. The findings of a study conducted by Brigham Young University undergrad Alex Jensen and his faculty mentor Laura Walker show that those who play video games tend to have less meaningful relationships with their friends and family members. Interestingly, 63% of hardcore gamers also play with other people online. It appears that the addictive nature of online gaming may affect both men and women in a negative way, affecting both their quality of life and the quality of their relationships.

Despite the detrimental effects on their lives, many young adults who are addicted to gaming have poor relationships with their parents. They rarely communicate and don’t understand their parents’ feelings. They often fail to honor their commitments and regularly break promises to spend more time with friends and family. Eventually, they may become resentful and even avoid unnecessary interactions with their families. However, therapy may be a viable option to help them overcome their obsession.