Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over Katie Holmes Y2K Fashion Look

The outfit that actress Katie Holmes wore over the weekend has celebrities and history buffs alike debating when they believe she is from, at least according to her style. Apparently, this ensemble—which consisted of a belted blue pencil skirt with cream boots and a matching short coat—looks strikingly similar to fashion back in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Everyone is losing their minds over Katie Holmes Y2K fashion look

Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over Katie Holmes Y2K Fashion Look

When Katie Holmes stepped out in New York City last week, she was rocking a look that was reminiscent of the early 2000s. Her low-rise jeans, cropped tank top, and choker necklace were reminiscent of the Y2K fashion trend that was popular at the turn of the millennium.

Many people have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Katie’s fashion choices, with some even calling her “the new queen of Y2K fashion.” Some people are loving her throwback style, while others are not so sure about it.

Whether you love or hate Katie’s Y2K fashion look, there’s no denying that she knows how to rock it. If you’re looking to get your hands on some Y2K-inspired pieces, check out our roundup of the best places to buy them.

1998 Fashion Trends

In recent years, the fashion industry has been taken over by a new breed of trendsetter: the celebrity. From A-list actresses to music moguls, everyone is getting in on the action, and setting trends that the masses are quick to follow.

One such trendsetter is Katie Holmes, who was spotted out and about in New York City recently wearing a pair of oversized yellow sunglasses. The pictures of her quickly went viral, with many people dubbing her the new “It” girl of fashion.

This isn’t the first time Katie has caused a stir with her fashion choices. Last year, she was photographed wearing a white crop top and matching trousers while out on a date with then-boyfriend Jamie Foxx. The outfit was simple, but it was her bold choice of color that really made heads turn.

Whether she’s donning a bright shade or keeping things more muted, one thing is for sure: Katie Holmes knows how to make a statement with her style. And we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Lip Trends of 1998

Lipstick was big in the ’90s, and it continued to be a key makeup trend in 1998. Pale lips were out, and bolder shades were in. If you wanted to make a statement, you went for a deep red or plum color. But if you wanted something a little more subtle, a pink or mauve shade was perfect.

lip gloss was also popular in 1998. It came in all different colors and finishes, but the clear gloss was the most popular. It could be worn alone or over lipstick to give your lips a little extra shine.

Lipliner was another must-have product in 1998. It was used to help define the shape of your lips and prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Leg Innerwear Pulls and Tops of 1998

The year 1998 was a big one for fashion, and leg innerwear was no exception. Pulls and tops were everywhere, and everyone was wearing them. Katie Holmes was no exception, and she looked fabulous in her YK fashion look.

Leg innerwear pulls and tops are the perfect way to add a little bit of style to your outfit without going overboard. They come in all different colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly. Plus, they’re super comfy, which is always a plus.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe, try some leg innerwear pulls and tops. You won’t be disappointed!